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A couple of weeks ago I posted a "help" too, because I was working at an air show and had no clue as to what I could eat and I knew I could not bring a cooler. To pass on some of the wonderful suggestions that were posted, that literally saved me that weekend, can you bring some baby carrots? You mentioned fruit, and how about some string cheese for your dairies. Some wasa crackers for starch servings, and I brought some lite laughing cow cheese wedges (I don't like string cheese) and spread them on the crackers. A small container with some nuts for your fat, and even some hard boiled eggs for your breakfast protein - would that work?

I know that you don't want to have only your own food, you should be able to enjoy your wonderful weekend and weigh loss success (congratulations on that awesome accomplishment). Someone else posted that this is not a diet but a new way to look at food and you obviously know the program since you have done so well. Just enjoy yourself and trust yourself to know what to do.

Hope that helps.
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