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Good Morning, Flowers! I am printing off updates from the Caringbridge site to send to my "mom." Ryan is complaining his tailbone and lower back hurts so they are hoping that is good! There are pictures of him, his family, etc., and the last one is with the halo thing. That makes my head hurt to see it! It's cloudy and humid again today; I'd rather have the sun shining than this. We made a quick trip to Sioux City late yesterday afternoon. Bob is leaving on a fishing trip and likes the leather gloves that he has found at SAMs. He calls it the $100 store, but yesterday it was the $200+ store! We haven't been there for several months so stocked up on paper products. Today is more of the same sorting, pitching, and laundry.

I took "Mom" to the vet alone yesterday. Ever since I got bit by a cat, many years ago, I am very leery of handling them when and where they don't want to go. She was sound asleep so I scooped her up in a towel and shoved her in the carrier before she realized what happened. She's had a B-B sized bump on the top side area of a front leg; it wasn't growing and it didn't bother her when I touched it. The vet thought it was a B-B and opened it. He wasn't sure what it was, but was thinking possibly a small blood clot. It definitely wasn't a B-B. She got her hind claws clipped and whatever shot she needed. Anyhow, "Mom" was a real trooper and didn't pee, which is her usual MO. She even went back in the carrier for me and usually the vet has to shove her in. I was proud of her! She was glad to get back home again!

"Gma" -- When you mentioned the paper chain, it made me think of something that a "good" WW leader had us do years ago. We were to buy the large colored paper clips and some small colored paper clips. The large ones represented one pound lost and the small ones were for a half pound. We were to make chains and bring them to the meetings. The idea went over quite well as I remember. In three weeks I will be back in the classroom. We know a kid who did heavy drugs and he has to be on antidepressants for the rest of his life. Consequently he can't get life insurance nor individual health insurance w/o waivers. It makes me wonder why anyone would even consider trying drugs. I hope you can find some bug spray that will work. We've had a lot of bugs this summer too.

Susan -- I hope your day at work is a good one!

I'm off to face the piles of the day! Have a good one and remember to !

Jean -- in Iowa!
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