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Unhappy those poor babies!

That's just awful about those poor little girls, Wabby! There are some sick, evil people in the world. You'd think that in small towns someone somewhere would have seen something, but usually that's not the way it is. They still haven't caught the guy who was inviting little boys into his car in our town, and only 3,000 people live here. Our elementary school is a 7 minute walk from here, but I still freak out when ds9 comes home 10 or 15 mins late.

On a lighter note - I lost a pound! (besides the water ones that came off during the flu - those are back on) Whoopdeedoo. Wabby - even 3 lbs in a week is great, and I'm sure it's more like 5 - trust your jeans, not your scale! Do you have to report in to the dietician every week, or what?

Hey! The purple "smug" smiley is missing off my smiley list but it still works. How wierd.

Where's Peaches?

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