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Dallas, I used to do alot of biking (before my kids) and I found that padded bike shorts really help, as does a shock post. (You'll probably have to go to a hard core bike shop to find it, but basically it's a shock absorber seat post. I ride the back of a tandem and you feel all the bumps back there so it REALLY helps.) I also recommend one of the ergo seats. Bike seats cut off circulation to certain places and the good seats are supposed to help with that. It's kind of like getting good running makes all the difference. Also, awesome job on getting out there!

Lisa, sounds like you're doing great! I too feel hungry alot and what seems to help is to have a bottle of water handy on my desk at work and just drink, drink, drink when I feel hungry. I tend to eat less (some eating was just out of habit) and it really helps me to drink the amount of water that you're supposed to.

I've manage to exercise at least once a day this week. Eating's been going well too, but today is my son's birthday and we are going out tonight and the party (with cake) is Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for my willpower, please...

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