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Congratulations on the 5lb loss!!

If you do want to change things up a little, I wouldnt be surprised if you'd drop even more by eating a few more could try 2 snacks, at around 80 cals each, like an apple and a plum.

You might think its a waste of cals if you aren't hungry, but 2 weeks ago was only my second week on plan..and I didn't have my snacks as I wasn't hungry, and actually gained a lb that week! AnD I worked out 3 times!
SO I was really disillusioned, but when I chatted with my weight loss coach he said I wasn't eating enough and to eat 5x/day..add the snacks no matter I thought I would be up again, but I listened to him and lost 3 lbs. So there really may be a reason they say to eat 5 small meals a
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