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Dear FaeReverie: I jumped in here because I have a similar problem with strong cramping, and was hoping that someone more in the know advising you would give me some clues, as well.
Within the last year, I've been getting occasional severe cramps. Sometimes it in a foot, sometimes a calf--but from time to time a couple new spots -in a thigh, of all places--will be really cramping, and I haven't been exercising, or anything. Maybe I should drink less coffee (tho I make it half decaf/half reg), as I've read it leaches the calcium from one's body. Maybe I should be taking more calcium. I'm on levothyroxine for hypothyroid & lisinopril for blood pressure regulation. Dunno if that's got anything to do with these awful muscle cramps or not. It's really painful--I know exactly what you mean. You dare NOT exercise, for fear of bringing it on, and yet--we need to exercise! What to do??!!
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