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Default Hey ya

Hey girls;

I have been MIA as my mom is still in hospital (had whole hip replaced after fall) and has gone into congestive heart failure. Pretty stressed out about the whole thing. Looks like a long recovery for her. The funny part is she is in a room with two men and one woman. The one woman and man old and crotchety - both tell people to shut up, etc. Then there is the other guy beside her who is a bit younger than them - about 70 - and really nice guy, though talks about his religion a bit much. But he farts all the time. I mean, this guy farts like no tomorrow - and it's both loud and agressive!! YIKES. Of course, no air freshners allowed, so mom is in stinky-****! She also hasn't had a smoke in over a week so she's a total groucho marx!!! OUCH.

Anyway, outside of that, just trying to take it easy so my pregnancy stays OK. I see the OB on Friday this week. Baby has been very active though, and I am feeling Ok - a few contractions, lots of sciatic nerve pain, but that's about it.

Kier - do you mean BCP's? You said prego does that mean to help you get pregnant??

Lori - happy you are not pregnant! Sorry to hear about your gain, but it could be water from a bit of crap eating...

Deb - too true - what's that slogan? "no guilt, move on". I always find that the hardest. Even with preg eating, if I crave, let's say, chips...I'll eat chips and then be like "dang,I may as well have that Easter Creme Egg!".

I gained 4 lbs this month (finally gaining) and I want to make sure it doesn't go out of control the last few months I really need to watch the eating!

Speaking of which, I should go get some lunch. It's noon here!

Have a good day ladies!

Pregnant with Baby #2
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