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WELCOME MUSICGAL! I hope you have lots of good acvice, I'm always in need These are a great bunch of gals and I'll do my part in helping encourage you! Congrat's again on losing another pound, Spryng! Can I borrow your scale? Mine must not be working! I'm having a pretty rough week here girls. The baby was doing so well, we thought. It was the motrin giving us a fake out. At noon yesterday she began to feel warm again, so I took her temp and it was 103.2! DH flew outa here and was back with the doc in a blink. By the time he got her she was 104.7. They loaded her up in the surburban and got her to the hospital. There they ran about every test imaginable an did some twice. My nerves were shot! She was an angel though, never fussed. And everything was negative, go figure. So they sent us home once the fever was back under control and said to keep an eye on her. She's doing much better. The Doc has been down once this mornin to check her over he says its a virus, she's breaking out with alittle rash. She seems to be doing well though. Oh, Ginny I wish I could find time for myself and "chill" some or even just hide in the corner and have a nervous break down for a minute. No time for that though, what's even worse is I'm the rock in this family. DH is wonderful don't misunderstand but in crisis he panics and you have to guide him through every small detail. Anyhow I need to go dig my house out of the mess it is in. Anybody have a backhoe?
I feel like a one legged cat trying to cover up terds on a frozen pond.
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