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Default My shopping trip.....

Hey all...

Well..yesterday i went shopping for some Country Fest I did ok...i tried on some cami's and tanks and just couldn't bring myself to buy arms looked horrible.....I did however buy all capped sleeve shirts...which is something I never would have arms still need a lot of work...but I felt ok in the shirts I bought. Better news yet..I got three pairs of shorts...all size 10....i don't think I've ever been a size 10!!!

I took some pictures of myself for my husband now refuses to take pics of me's always like you look don't need pictures to prove So....I got creative and took mirror pictures...hence they are totally very crappy. A few of them do show my legs though...I'm really proud of them.....hopefully someday I can be proud of my stomach and arms too..uggghhh.

We are off to the fest on Thurs. morning....I will get some "normal pictures" there and replace these crappy ones.....

Ok...hope everyone is to you soon...



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