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Angry Back on the bus

Hello ladies,

I am back, but I am not doing well low-carbing. I am not exactly sure what I am doing! I have been off plan for the past SIX days! I am afraid to even step on the scale. And to top it off I haven't even exercised. I'm not sure exactly what I am doing...

My week has not been too great. My two boys have been sick and I haven't been getting enough sleep and kind of feel ill myself. My computer also hasn't been working all week and a friend of ours came over and fixed it tonight. I'm not sure exactly how long it will work for as it is just a temporary fix.

I want to joing you all in low-carb eating, but I know this up-coming week is just going to set me up for disaster. I have my youngest sons first birthday on tuesday, then Thanksgiving of course! I havent had a chance to read all of the posts, but I did see the "all or nothing" type of dieting. This is exactly how I operate, one slip up and i'm off plan for the day. Now I've slipped up and I have been off plan all week.

Catching up with the board feels good! My new plan is to start exercising and to stay as low-carb as possible. You all are doing so great and I'm so proud of you!!!! Keep up the good work, it is such an inspiration to read how successful staying on plan is! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll check back soon!

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