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hi this is number 3 post for me , I am new here ,and don't know what I am doing .so far my other 2 post I am not sure where they went or if any one read them ,I will give it a try here. I was 198 7 years ago and went on low carb way of life, which was very good for me and I lost on and off over 40 pounds, I have been keeping it ok . but had some work done on my feet in Nov last year. any way could not walk for over 2 months, still having a hard time with it. before I did a lot of walking, swimming, and had 3 classes a week, so since Nov, not doing any thing ,and I have put back on 8 pounds. now at 160 which I am having a real hard time to take off. this Monday I thought that I would try WW, and do the point thing. any way I am just doing it at home , was looking for some help with it ,if I am at the right place here, can any one tell me where I could get some help with getting to know my points better, I am 58 this year and would like to eat more fruit and some other foods , with low carb, I do eat a lot of food, but getting a bit fed up with the low carb way, thank you so much for your help Jackie o
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