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hey to be!

so you like nintendo eh? j/k..thats love to chat w ya bout this stuff. its funny bc i played for hrs and hrs esp. w the wico joysticks i had. the kicker is a few years back, my dad, an avid yard sale hunter, brought home a game set w a ton of cartridges and it was only bout 2 yrs ago that i tossed it b/c the little tiny box that said tv and game switch on it was busted. i actually purchased a refurbished 2600 unit w 27 games plus the wico paddles. the one thing i will say is the original paddles totally sucked. only reason this all came bout again is bc a friend of mine is an avid video player and she has what you described bout the games built in and i got nostolgic and decided i deserved a 'toy' of my own so i decided to do a search to see if i could locate a site that'd allow me to buy w/o paypal bc i dont have an acct.
the unit went out yesterday from FL and im in NY so im hoping itll arrive in a few days.
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