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Good Evening, Flowers! Just checking in before I head off to bed. It was a crazy day at school today; this morning we had all 8 classes, 17 minutes each, and then in-service this afternoon. The best part of that was the cider, coffee, and Christmas cookies for the birthday coffee. After school we had an FAC meeting for two gals; one just finished her degree at age 50 and the other finished her special ed. endorsement after being an aide for 17 years. Made a quick trip to the dreaded WM then when I got home I sorted through the loot to see what I still need to get. Maybe I will get done in time for the 'big' day yet.

'Gma' - No, I didn't have the cortizone shot. I have a friend who had one from her GP and said, "never again." Then she ended up going to a podiatrist and he talked her into another one, which she said she didn't feel at all. Bob drags his feet about going to the doctor with anything. I finally threatened to make a physical appt. for him and he finally did it himself after I nagged for months. He had a cold a couple of weeks before he was due to leave for Canada last summer and he went in; he didn't want to take a chance on getting an infection or worse while he was gone. One of the teachers individually wraps her kids' gifts and then puts them all in one big box which she wraps. She says it keeps them from shaking and squeezing trying to figure out what is inside. I never thought of doing that.

We are making another trip to Sioux City tomorrow to finish the shopping so hope to get an early start. Penneys is going to open at 7 but don't think we'll be there that early.

Have a nice weekend doing whatever it is you are going to do.

Jean -- in Iowa!
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