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Thumbs up Snacks for Success!

Well, we've always had great threads going to share recipes for dinner, or share what's in our lunchboxes, so its only natural for us to have a thread to get some great snack ideas from each other! I know my biggest downfall is snacks - what do you munch on during your work day? what do you have when you're watching a movie?

Here are some of my faves:
-Cheecha Snacks (puffed wheat snacks in chip flavours - delicious, and only 2g of fat in a 2 cup serving) - Totally kicks a chip craving in the butt!!
- Animal Crackers (you can have 7 for 130 cals, 4 grams of fat - very satisfying snack)
- Popcorn

Now, what are yours?


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Eating for two!
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I don't really eat snacks much. I just eat small amounts of regular food. For example, at work each day this week, I have a frozen entree for "lunch" around 11:30, but I eat breakfast at anout 5:30am, so I have a "snack" in between at around 8:30am. My "snack" is 2 cups of spaghetti squash with sauce that has turkey sausage cooked in. It's a big container of food for only about 250 calories.

I also sometimes snack on yogurt because it's so quick and easy. When I'm at home, I'll snack on a piece of cheese, sugar-free, fat-free instant pudding, fruit, any possible leftovers from dinner in the past few days (although I try to only cook as much as the 2 of us can eat in one sitting since too many leftovers have gone bad in the past), a small meat-and-cheese sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I really like sandwiches and I can make a great sandwich for around 200 calories), and sometimes I buy flavored hummus and eat it on some unsalted rice crackers or something, but that's not very frequent.
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Garden Herb Tricuits. About 20 calories a piece and actually very filling.

Pistachios....Okay very high in calories but good for you in small doses.

100 calorie popcorn bags.....you can eat the whole bag and not feel any guilt.

Watermelon....only 45 calories a cup and soooo good.

Dry cereal.....a whole cup for about 120 calories, this is where I eat the yummy kids sugary stuff when I am having a sugar craving.
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* Baby Carrots
* Green Pepper Slices
* Cucumber Slices with Fat Free Ranch
* Popcorn
* Popcorn with Splenda and Cinnamon Sprinkled on It
* Apples with Splenda and Cinnamon
* Unbaked Apples (Rather then coring and baking them I cut them into little chunks add a pinch of butter (or butter substitute) and two packets of Splenda and Cinnamon and cook on stove until soft.)
* Goldfish Crackers (1 serving is 55 fish)
* Kraft Pre-Cubed Cheese (I think it is 7 cubes for 90 calories)
* Celery with Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
* Rice Cakes
* Fat Free Wheat Bread with Reduce Fat Peanut Butter
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Just Me
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I'm an oddball so here are my snacks

- Nuts (have to be careful about portion)
- 100 calorie microwave popcorn (sometimes I just need a snack and these are good and portion controlled for you)
- baby carrots (fiber and delicious!)
- frozen strawberries (a sweet treat)
- 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread with a dab of natural pb and unsweetened jam
- cut veggies and hummus
- 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread with hummus

Rememberhowtosmile - I love goldfish but I can eat a whole bag so I stay away.
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• 2 Yves veggie dogs... they're huge, delicious, 90 calories & 15g of protein a piece!
• 100 calorie bag of popcorn
• Red bell peppers
• If you like dill pickle chips, the dill pickle Crispy Minis taste exactly like them... 120 calories for 16, and because they're all puffed, they're far more satisfying than chips
• Teddy grahams! 130 calories for 25! And you get to bite their wee heads off.. hehehe
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yellow apples--crunchy, munchy, sweet & juicy all in one vessel. My favorite!

low sodium triscuits w/laughing cow lite garlic herb cheese

raw veg & fatfree southwestern veggie dip

1 packet plain oatmeal with raisins & cinnamon mixed in

1 granola bar packet & 2 Tbsp peanut butter

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hara hachi bu
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I eat a lot of leftover steamed vegetables for snacks in the evening ... microwave with a squirt of lemon or lime juice on them, yum!

A mix of equal parts nuts, dried fruit, and steel-cut oats
Cut-up raw vegetables dipped in salsa
Wasa crackers and Laughing Cow cheese
Yogurt with fruit and/or nuts, cereal
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Here are some of mine this week:

- bag of baby carrots
- bag of grapes
- other fruit
- cheese and cracker
- 1/2 oz pistachios
- homemade muffin!
- peanut butter on whole grain pita

Like Jill, I often have "snacks" that are like meals such as:
- chicken and cheese on pita
- yogurt and fruit (or cereal)
- a sandwich

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ooooh... sparkly!
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Mmmmm... snackage. :

my favorites are:
100 calorie popcorn bags (these seem to be awfully popular )
carrot sticks/baby carrots
fat free vanilla yogurt with sliced fresh strawberries
pumpkin & squash seeds (roasted, unsalted)
mini apple cinnamon rice cakes with reduced fat peanut butter
most of the 100 calorie snack packs (the cookies are GREAT for sugar cravings, but i try to avoid them otherwise)

oh, and DH would kill me if i ever forgot to get the Hershey's 100 calorie bars. he's a fiend for Dark Chocolate.
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Nelie - I could do the same thing with the goldfish crackers, normally I take them as a side to my lunch or a mid-afternoon snack if I'm at school. So before I leave I count out one serving that way I'm not tempted by the whole box (I currently have a 33 oz carton in my kitchen).

A couple more things (I like snacks)
* Sugar free cool whip with a chocolate graham cracker crushed in it.
* Sugar free jello pudding snacks (Sometimes with a tsp of cool whip on top)
* Hummas with carrots and celery
* When I have extra calories to use up I will make 1 cup of french fries (baked not deep fried).
* Pears and plums
"It's better to be hated for who you are then loved for who you're not"

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WOW! Excellent ideas here! I love it.

Here are mine:
I love pickles.
Little deli meat roll ups (like turkey with a thin layer of cream cheese and spinach).
Sugar Snap Peas!!!
Cottage Cheese with a tablespoon of granola.
Cottage cheese with garlic powder and carrot sticks.
handful of almonds (once a day, max).
cereal - but I have to be careful because one serving does not equal "as much as you can shove into a bowl!"
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My snacks consist of...

*sandwich bags with a mixture of raw carrots, cabbage, green pepper & celery (I make up 7 bags every Sunday for the next week)
*small (pre-packaged) 1/2 cups of vanilla ice cream
*animal crackers
*100 calorie bags of popcorn

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I know I'm not from this thread really, but I really appreciate ideas for the snacks! I am always looking for ideas!

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Amanda you don't have to be from this thread to join in!

We all need ideas!

make yourself at home here, and anywhere else in to 100 pound club

TRYING to leave the batteries out of my scale!!
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