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Default How was your weekend?

Did you have fun exercising? Did you try something new? Did you find out you could do something you couldn't do last year or not so long ago?

My weekend was filled with exercise and fun. Saturday, Dh and I went to the closest BIG city (about 2hr drive). Once there we parked the car and walked for about 2-3 hrs, stopping to shop here and there, and have a quick bottle of water. It was such a nice day. DH made a killing of a deal by buying about $2 000 worth of Star Wars collectables for under $300. I bought myself a few tops (descided to invest in tops since they can be worn longer after you lose weight) and shoes. It was such a beautifull day, you couldn't help but feel happy.

Yesterday, I went to see my parents. We took a long swim and played in the pool with my 2yold niece (she had us swimming accross the pool quite a few times for the fun of seeing us purpously splash around), then we went for a boat ride, then my mom descided she wanted to go to the local market to walk around and get diner, so we walked for about 1.5hrs. We got to the restaurant , everyone was famished but it was so hot (no A/C in the restaurant) that we ended up not eating much. Mom and I ordered smoothies, they served them into mini-sand buckets with a little shovel. We sat in a booth, wow, I didn't feel so compressed. I was actualy comfortable.

So in short, I had a great weekend with tons of exercise, tons of fun and I can now be comfortable in a booth. I would say it's a successfull weekend...How about you?
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Wow - sounds like you had a really nice weekend!

I had a very productive weekend! On Friday I helped friends move into their new McMansion. On Saturday I primed the kitchen (finally painting!) & went to a girl guide dinner. Then yesterday I primed the kitchen ceiling in the morning, went to a bridal shower in the afternoon & wallpapered the ceiling in the late afternoon (it's wallpaper that looks like tin ceiling). I finished off the weekend with a swim at my Mom's.
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Lifegard, I just noticed that you are from Ottawa. I work in Ottawa, right in downtown.

That is so cool to "see" someone who lives so close by. I'm so used to seeing people from the states.

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Friday we went to the Brooklyn botanic garden, it was a gorgeous day. The roses were incredible. Walked all around, then walked home, lots of exercise there. I went to the gym Saturday and Sunday.

My dad is in Calif, so I called him to wish him a hfd. Went shopping (lots of walking!), got some pants and several new tops. I'm finally feeling decent about buying clothes again! I can really see the difference now. Walked along the local neighborhood street fair and did not get one parcel of food! and it was tempting!

Eating wise I was happy about how I did this weekend. I'm back to logging on to fitday to get back on track losing wise. I've been playing around with the same 10 lbs the past couple of months time for that to change!
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On Friday night hubby and I walked the kids to the park to play. Then on Saturday I took the kids with my huge family to a local swimming park (has a big pool a really cool kiddie pool and a lazy river) spent a lot of time there, while I was there I managed to get away to swim some laps. Did that for fathers day and birthday for my dad. Then on Sunday walked to church then took hubby out to lunch. It was a pretty packed weekend and very enjoyable.
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cool thread!

Saturday hubby and I hit the malls and shopped, racking up over 10,000 steps in the process. I bought some new "skinny" jeans -- size 16W!! Last summer I really could no longer fit into 28s, so shopping is starting to get seriously more fun, and I'm not even out of W's yet!

I didn't "count" any of those mall minutes, as they didn't register on the pedometer, but after THAT, we went and lifted weights at the gym. Last year I couldn't have walked that much at the mall and would have collapsed in a heap at the THOUGHT of more exercise.

Sunday was a quiet day, but I managed to get in a treadmill session (along with back and ab exercises) before I went off to a bbq. I had asked about the menu ahead of time and kept myself well within my calorie range for the day. I enjoyed the food, and even had a glass of wine, but am realizing that life is about so much more than that...
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