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Default Turkey ideas???

Help- I need ideas for different ways to cook turkey. My local Gordon food Service has there frozen 'Holiday Turkeys' on clearance for $4 for a 12-14 pound turkey. At 30 cents a pound, I can ignore that the box says "Happy Holidays"...especially since ya don't eat the box I figure I can use it in just about any recipe that calls for chicken, right? I also plan on grinding some of it up for hamburger replacement with the attachment on my Kithenaid stand mixer. Any good recipes? I don't want to feel like I'm eating Thanksgiving dinner every night, which is what most of the turkey recipes seem to be.

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When Katrina hit last year I had a couple of turkey breasts in the freezer and had to cook them since our electricity was out for almost a week and they were thawing fast. We have an electric stove and oven as well so I had to cook them on the grill. I shredded some up and made turkey salad, sliced some for sandwiches and salads, chopped a little and seasoned it with chili and garlic powder and used it for quesadillas/buritos. My parents' electicity came back on before ours so I took the second breast over to her house (it was already grilled) and made a pot of vegetable/noodle soup, a pan of turkey tetrazinni, and a pan of turkey, broccoli, and rice, casserole.

You might also check They have a section on using up holiday leftovers that might give you some ideas.
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