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Exclamation Enough dithering about!

It's time to stop the rot that's set in with me over the past few months, so today I'm making a pledge to get back to taking care of myself. I'm writing here in the hopes that the accountability will strengthen my resolve, and that my pals on the Journal/Buddy thread will see this and kick me up the bum when they see me straying!

I've dropped only 2 pounds since 27 September (well, I lost another 6, but regained it again ) and I need to get the weight moving again. I haven't altogether stopped eating healthily, and I've still had way more OP days than not, but the off-plan days have been outrageously so, and consequently I've stopped shrinking.

Exercise has always been a dirty word to me, so it's the first thing to go by the wayside whenever I feel a little off colour, and I've not been too well recently (my Menière's is playing up something rotten, and I still haven't shifted that root canal infection). Instead of adapting my exercise to accommodate being sick, I've used it as an excuse to cry off altogether. I've been getting a bit of walking and cycling in, but not much, especially since the weather turned cold. I need to start out slowly again, or I won't keep it up. This is what I've decided to begin with:
  • A minimum of 30 minutes brisk walking on Mon, Weds, Fri;
  • 30 minutes light strength training on Tues, Thurs, Sat.

My diet also needs addressing. I've allowed my portion sizes of proteins and carbs to increase. Looking over my food logs, I see this coincides with a reduction in the amount of veggies I've been eating. I've decided I need to get strict with myself, and force myself to plan my meals at least a day in advance. I don't care much for this rigidity, but I'm finding it too easy to just grab whatever I fancy at a given moment. I need a little more structure than that to get me back into the swing. My revised plan:
  • Daily kcal budget of 1,200-1,550 kcals (to a maximum of 9,800 per week);
  • Unlimited non-starchy veggies;
  • 2 litres water;
  • No "white" carbs (pasta, potatoes, rice);
  • No ket (chips and sweeties);
  • No eating in front of the telly;
  • Alcohol limited to 120 ml (4 fl.oz) of spirits a week.

I will also:
  • Post my next day's meal plans on the Journal/Buddy thread;
  • Post whether or not I lived up it.

My pledge to myself is to totally stick with this plan for 3 weeks (I'm bound to spend more kcals on Christmas Day, though I won't be going mad), and re-evaluate then.

I know can do this! Now I'm promising that I will do this!
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Sounds like a great plan and I know you will be successful. And after that 3 weeks the habit will be formed and you will keep right on going.
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Hey there Dishy Fishy - sounds like an awesome plan. We'll hound you over in the Journal thread to keep you in check but it sounds like you have it under control

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Good for you for taking control of the reins again! The 50 you have already lost is no small feat. Maybe your body and mind just needed a bit of a break before getting back into gear. Writing down the plan and being accountable to someone is so important. You are already there.
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Aw, sweetie - you're doing all the right things to regain control of your loss. Until Monday, I was right there with you in not holding myself to the standards I knew I was capable of -- no, I didn't go hog wild, but I sure wasn't succeeding either.

I have to say, I feel SO MUCH BETTER now that I'm back on plan 100%!! I love feeling in control, proactive, and just, you know -- CLEAN! It's just a great feeling.

I know you'll do beautifully -- your plan is great, your attitude sounds great, and you have a wonderful support system here. Just take it one day at a time, don't let yourself off the hook, and stay honest in holding yourself to that wonderful plan you've created for your ultimate success. The rest is in the doing.

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Ali It sounds like you have a wonderful plan to get you back on track. You know you can do this and I'm sure once you start seeing the results it will all come back to you again and you'll be ready to lose last 50 pounds.
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Thanks for the encouragement, Dawnyal, Dee, Howie, Paula, & Sarah! It means a lot to me.

Only a couple of days in and I really do feel better already. Oh yeah!
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