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Default May I join in here?

I started journaling WW at home on my own today. My weight is at an all time high of 294 I think I hit that towards the end of my pregnancy but have now gotten back up there and my clothes don't fit and I hate it. Of course my legs and back are also killing me. I've never had leg or back pain so I know its the weight doing it.

I hope to hi my mini goal of 264.6 by mid January. I will then be nearly to my pre-pregnancy weight which would put me squeezing back into my clothes.
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Welcome, Melissa! I'm also pretty new to the boards, and so far I've found everyone very supportive. It looks like we're about the same place weight and goal wise, too. I'm 31 (same bday as your daughter!) and I have 4 kids, 12, 10, 3 and 2. I look forward to getting to know you better!
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Hi Melissa,

I am new to the boards as well. I started Jenny Craig on 10/6. I post and get support in that website too. Can never have enough support from people that's why i love both sites No matter which site i am in everyone is warm, friendly and supportive and we need that. Like i said you can never have enough support

One thing i read in the other website which broke my heart was a guy complaining about his wife being undisciplined and basically the way he put it, this was busting up their marriage and she needs to lose weight. He tells her this all the time, she says "just love me for the way i am" now i feel this woman is comfortable with her weight and he didn't even mention her weight either. The women in that site came on him like cats ready to attack. I was very surprised that a man did that in that site, he wanted to be heard out LOL. Oh yea well, most of the women felt the way i did, that the poor lady is lacking something from that relationship and is running to food. He is disappointed as she doesn't look like what she did 12 years ago (hmmmmmmmmm she had three kids, duuhhhhhhhhhh)

anyway i thought i would share that weird story. I am going to find out more hopefully, especially about this weight thing. If it is a matter of 25-50 lbs then i would say this man is a perfectionist and that's not good.

Anyway welcome, i tend to ramble on LOL but i am still dumbfounded over the story i just read.

By the way i am 268 lbs, i have had a 3 lb weight loss on JC so far and feeling good except for some chronic right knee pain due to some bad weather. By the way ladies, the weather finally is beautiful out (at least sunny and no rain), my leg is feeling okay but i have to see how it goes throughout the day, i still say it could be a touch of arthritis but at least it isn't the pain i was feeling when i had those extra 3 lbs. Even though it was 3 lbs, it made a difference in how i get out of bed in the mornings, i can even go up and down stairs

that's enough from me, i can blab let me tell ya lol
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Welcome. Glad you decided to join us.
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Welcome Melissa!! -- 3 months ago I weighed 295, and wanted to cry every time I put on my clothes. My husband went out and bought me bigger clothes, and even some of those didn't fit. How depressing!!!

Well, 32 pounds later most of those new, "fat" (for me) clothes are too big, and I am back into the clothes I wore a few years ago. Thank goodness. I have a long way to go on this journey (my whole life), and I am so happy I started taking control FOR my life.

The point is that all of us here are in or have been in your shoes (some are further along on the journey than others). We ALL can do this. Good luck getting started and let us know how it goes!
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Welcome, Melissa.
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Welcome Melissa - you'll find all the support, advice and encouragement you need right here! Take it one step at a time, and one day at a time and the losses soon add up!

Love Amanda x
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Welcome Melissa

It's great to have you here

Can't wait to get to know you better!

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Welcome, Melissa! Your daughter is a little cutie pie. Glad you're here.
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This is a great place for support!
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Melissa ~ always great to have enthusiastic new members!
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Hello Melissa! Welcome to the group!
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Hi Melissa - great to see you've found us. Post lots so we can get to know you better.

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Melissa, welcome to the forum! Post often so we can get to know you!
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to the group.
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