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Default Loosing 100 Pounds....

where & how do I start?
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This is a great place to start. Actually, 3FC is a great community all in all, but if you have the specific challenge of losing 100+ pounds, drop on in when you get a chance. The amazing people there are (or have been at one time) in the same boat, and they provide inspiration, advice and lots of humor.

Looking forward to seeing you around!
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satylite do you know of anyplace that can find a good scale that goes over 300??
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Hi ladies,
I am moving this thread over to the 100 pound club. The ladies there will have a lot of advice for you, and answers to your questions.
The only advice that I can add, is that when you have a lot of weight to lose, such as 50, 100, or even more pounds-it can seem so overwhelming and "undoable". The best way to make it easier is to break it up into mini goals.
Commit to losing 10 pounds, and when you do give yourself a reward. Get a new haircut, a new blouse, or something as a reward for your hard work. Then set another mini goal of 10 pounds.
Meeting small goals, like 5 or 10 pounds is a lot easier than dealing with such a large number at once. It is also wonderful for the self esteem when you make the goals you have set for yourself. Good Luck!
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Hi and welcome to the forum Aphil has it bang on. You have to take it in little increments and do not think about the overall number. I know, it can be very discouraging, and you will find everyone on this board an inspiration because we all post the good, the bad and the ugly. Now, for an actual plan, that is a very personal choice. Everyone is on different plans, whether it is Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach, etc. The most important thing about choosing a "plan" is that it suits your lifestyle and it is something you will be able to do for the rest of your life. It is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. Post often!
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Hello and Welcome to 100 club! I'm currently doing my own version of Weight Watcher/ South Beach. I started out with Weight Watchers loss 40lbs. I feel off the wagon and stop posting here. (lesson to learn always post even on bad days they add up to months) I gain 16lbs back.I've restarted and the South Beach/Weight Watcher combo has helped me to lose 9lbs. I'm focusing on mini goals. Such as 10lbs at a time or if that looks large to me I'm going to go to 5lbs... they all add up to big losses in the end.

Best advice is to ask questions..... drink an additional 8 oz for each lbs your over weight. Try and get some sort of workout each day for 30 minutes. Even if it's just dancing to your stereo. Once again welcome. Sorry for being so long winded.
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Hi Carabonita,

I found that the most helpful weight loss tool is a food journal...For me there are a lot of benefits.

1) I think twice about what I am eating if I have to write it down and create a permanent record of my food intake. No mindless eating...I write everything down and don't dismiss (or forget) the handful of candy/chips (or whatever) that I pop in my mouth.

2) I can see patterns emerging in my eating over the weeks. I can see what I have done on weeks when I was successful in loosing weight. I can also see what foods are more filling...for example...I know that I get really hungry if I I have fruit as my afternoon snack and then I tend to overeat at dinner. I am better to have fruit after dinner.

3) I can keep track of how many calories/points/whatever I am consuming. I can also see if I am eating enough protein, fibre, fruits and vegetables, calcium, etc...

Good luck with whatever weight loss plan you choose! Welcome to 3FC!

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Hi and welcome you 2.
Safiyah_is_Fluffy Tanita has some scales that go up over 300 (i'm not sure how high though). You might do a search for one. I bought mine online a few years back and it only goes up to 300 (well I got it to register about 306 but after that I got the good old OL-over limit )

Yara A good place to start is to just journal what you eat for a week. Don't worry about trying to limit this or that but do try to get an accurate representation of how much you are eating a day. If you don't write something down, you are only hurting yourself. After a week see where you are at calorie wise (don't worry if it is a high amount. Mine was between 3000-4000 daily ) So I started out by trying to eat around 2500 calories a day. Once that was under control I went down to 2000. I fell off the wagon a couple of times and stumbled and am back at 2000 a week. Been doing great on that for almost two weeks and now I'll strive to stay under 1900. My average is about 1750 weekly so I'm not doing too shabby.) I use (it's free) to log all my foods. You can see a copy of my journal Here .

If you feel you need to be more accountable to someone WW is a great program. I've done it in the past and had success with it. It's when I stopped doing the program that I started gaining.

If you aren't sure what you want to do eating wise, start by watching your portion sizes and EXERCISE. Even if you just walk to the end of your driveway and back, you've made a start.

Good luck.
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:hello:For me, the key to getting the weight moving, was to get my body moving with some regular exercise before I really thought about what I was eating.
My favorite form of exercise is Tae Kwon Do. Started TKD the end of February 2005. Now, 6 months later I run 3 days a week, bike a couple days a week in addition to Tae Kwon Do twice a week. I also do some strenght training, yoga and tae bo.
Good luck and welcome to the board!
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For me, counting calories (using Fitday), posting here (the journal buddy thread helps me stay on track ), and planning my food ahead of time as much as possible has been the winning combination so far.

You can do this - we are here to help - you already have oodles of advice just in this thread!
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