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Default New to this site

I am Michelle and new to this site. There sure is alot here to look at, I feel a bit more encouraged already. I am very overweight and have many health problems due to it
I have started a program in my local area called Permanent Weight Control. I go twice a week for a one on one consultation where they weigh me and check my food journal to see how I am far not too well... the program is 10 oz. protein daily, 4 starches, 3 fruit, 4c. veg, 2 fats, 2 dairy. Does that sound good? I have PCOS so I am now learning I need to be more careful to eat lower glycemic carbs. I hate exercise and have not been faithful to do it, i know I need to just do it and I will feel better, but I am feeling pretty discouraged about it all.
I look forward to learning from you all
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Hi Michelle - Great to have you with us.
I joined this site only a month ago. I just couldn't see how little old me could possible lose 100 lbs. But I feel so much better now, and I have made a great start. I actually love exercise now. None of my colleagues can believe it!!! I was caught out going for a run yesterday, me!!! running!!!! If you had told me in December I would be eating a low GI diet, swimming twice a week, going to the gym three times a week, I would have laughed at you!

You will do this, and you will feel better for it. And when it gets tough, you'll have us to empathise and encourage you.

Well done on your great start!!!

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Hi, Michelle,

Congrats on starting your program! The first step can be the toughest.

It can be a shock to rehaul ingrained habits at first, and I know I did a lot of emotional eating, so that was another area I had to work on. I agree with Kylie that once you start doing it for a while, you will see success and it will start to feel good to you to eat healthily and exercise, even though right now it may feel tough.

I look at it as a step by step process. I use lots of little goals (5 lbs at a time). You'll find amazing tips and advice here from people who are working on the same issues.

My best piece of advice is no matter what, just keep going. Lose, gain, or maintain, if you get up the next day and get back into the routine, you will see success. Hang in there!
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Hi Michelle

Welcome to the 100lb club - the great thing about this group is that everyone understands. We understand how overwhelmed you feel and how hard it can be to make changes that are the complete opposite to what we have done in the past.

How about just introducing short walks into your day - say 5 or 10 mins to start with, then build up from there. It is true that the more you do (or the more often) the more you grow to like it - I haven't been able to get out for a couple of days because of snow and I really miss it - and this is from a girl who previously would get taxi's from door to door!

It sounds like you have a lot of 1 to 1 supervision on your diet, which is good - but nothing beats coming here and talking to people in the same position as yourself, and who will offer you all the support, advice and encouragement you need.

Take it one day at a time - it will get easier I promise.

Love Amanda x
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Hi Michelle and welcome! We're all in the same boat here and its great to share ideas, strategies and successes. Its also comforting to share failures and frustrations with people who truly know where you're coming from. Please jump right in and post often.

I'm not familiar with your plan, but there are many different plans being followed here and I'm sure someone will be in soon to comment on your particular program. As for exercise, I initially thought of it as a necessary evil, but once I got into the routine of it I came to actually enjoy it. Give it a bit of time and be sure to get back to us on your progress!

Always remember it CAN be done - we have people here who've lost 100, 150, 200 lbs. to prove it - good luck!
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Hi and welcome. It sounds like a nice well-rounded diet.

For me, I started feeling overwhelmed in the beginning (I still do sometimes) but I found if I would try to eat healthy and then start working on one bad habit at a time, I had more success. Yes it's been slow coming off but I'm actually learning how to eat better
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Hello Michelle,

We are in a somewhat similar situation. My last medical checkup in December 2004 showed that i was heading for serious health problems related to my weight.

I also know how it feels to realize you have a lot of weight to loose.

I've learned that if look at this from a "i have 100 pounds to loose" point of view it may get quite discouraging. On the other hand, if you set small goals like "i have 10 pounds to loose 'till easter" it may be easier.

As for exercise, you don't have to kill yourself at the gym. Just taking a 30 minutes walk each day is a great starter....

That was my advice for now. I'm sure you'll get plenty here and also lots of support.

Keep us posted!
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Welcome Michelle
I also struggle with working out and have to force myself to do it. Recently I've had my workout DVD's and equiment taken from my car. I can tell you right now I'm viewing my workouts dvd's in a whole new light right now. I've ordered one WATP (walk away the pounds) DVD and I'm hoping it will arrive soon. I hadn't noticed til now much working out has helpped with my moods and since I have bad knees the WATP dvds were perfect for me. They were also a big part of my weight loss. So push,shove do what you have to but get that workout in. You know that saying you don't miss something til it's gone well I sure as heck miss all my workout stuff...
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Thank you for all the advice and encouragement One of the things I have struggled with is feeling kind of alone in this. I think I am going to like it here
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Welcome Michelle!
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