Pesky Pains

  • Any thoughts?

    I've lost about 40 pounds in the last 3 months. Im thrilled. But . . . I have started having strange pains around the sides of my rib cages. Not a terrible pain, more of an annoying pain. I have noticed alot of weight loss in this area and I am wondering if the fat was acting as a cushion and now that it's leaving, (FOREVER!!!) things are just settling in? Just one possibility. Im open to others!
  • hmmmm. interesting. not sure what's happening... with the wls, many of us get really bad pains in our coccyx [tailbone]. current theory is that it was always so insulated by all that fat, and now that we've lost so much weight, it is now bearing weight [from sitting on it!!!] and is building strength. trust me, it really hurt.

    but you're not sitting on your ribcage... it's not a weight-bearing structure. so this can't be happening here. is it more on one side or the other? sometimes a rapid weight loss will affect your gallbladder [but i'm not going to tell you where the gallbladder is until you answer the question!!!! don't want to bias you!!]

    hope someone else has a real answer...
  • Hi!

    Thanks for the info. The pains are on both sides of my rib cage, on the sides. Not there all the time. Just occasionally. Most prominate on the left side. Thought the gall bladder was lower? LOL! See how much I know about anatomy?

  • Since I have lost weight I have been having rib cage pain too. It seems like it is only when I am sitting though. Mainly driving.

    It almost feels like my ribs are rubbing against something in there. I just figure my body is adjusting or something?
  • Hmmm
    I don't know from experience, but my gut is telling me to advise that any pain that reoccurs or is persistant to bring to your doctor's attention. It could be just the body re-settling in, but it would probably bring you peace of mind to know that for certain.