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Default Why does this happen?

Ok, first of all, I am NOT complaining

So this morning I did my Monday Morning weigh in and it says 230. Well about 3 hours later I had to record the weight of my dog (vet reasons) and since she wont stay on the scale I have to weigh myself, them me holding her and then subtract the weight...yada yada. Anyway, so 3 hours after my AM weighing of 230 I weigh myself again and it says 225.5. That's a huge difference for 3 hours. What makes that happen? I'm not sure I want to even consider that an 'official' weight because then if I weigh next week and its 229 I will be much happier thinking I went down 1lb then went up 3.5lbs.

Edited to add that I first weighed myself this morning after going 'potty' and I haven't had anything to eat or drink except coffee.
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<sigh> it's not fair, is it!????? the best i can say is that scales are different... and our weight fluctuates throughout the day as well, but that NEVER makes sense to me either!!!!!

hope someone else has a better answer!!!
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I think Jiff is right in the fact that scales are different. I only use my scale at home and I only get on once. I mean one time frame. I get on (Usually twice, just to see a match) and then I walk away. I don't weigh anymore that day. And to go even further, I try not to weigh more than once or twice a week. The numbers can go crazy. Down 3, up 2. It's all water and what you ate. The daily changes don't matter, it's the differences week to week or even month to month that matter. And sometimes if you are building a better lifestyle or muscle, they just don't matter at all!!
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The scale I use is the same way. It would say one thing, then later on in the day be a COMPLTELY different weight. lol.

What I do, is pretty much what Sandi does.

Once a week I get on the scale, and note the weight. I get off the scale, let it re-set, and hop back on, just to confirm that the weight is the same, or in the same range.

Then I DO NOT get back on for another week, because scales do fluctuate A LOT. If you can manage to do it once a week, it will make you feel better. No worries about why it is flucuating so much The hard part is avoiding the scale for a week lol.

I'm kinda lucky in respect to the once a week weigh in thing, because I weigh on my mom's scale at her house, and I usually only go over there once a week, and ONLY on the weekends, so thats the only place for me to weigh. Now if it were at MY house, it would be a WHOLE other

~ Kari ~
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I agree with everyone else. I weigh at the same time every week, right after I get up on Sat mornings. I weigh once, then again after resetting just to make sure it is right. I have been starting this nasty habit of weighing myself on Wed as a half week weight. lol I really need to stop doing that because then I get fixated. I do recommend that if you weigh yourself on say carpet, that you should always weigh yourself on carpet. The floor type can produce differences too.
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I also have a bad habit of weighing mid-week, just to check. I need to stop that!!
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I used to weigh just once a week. Lately, I have been weighing pretty much every day. Which ever way I do it, seems to be a head game thing with me. Right now where I am, it seems to be working for me I think, to weigh more often (every day). When I step on that scale and see that I have stayed the same or gone down a little, it kind of inspires me to keep doing good so it will go down some more. If I step on in and have gone up a little, then I am wanting to keep trying to do good, or maybe even cut back on the food a little more, or exercise a little more so it will go back down. That kind of suprised me ~ once upon a time, that would have caused me to feel frustrated and throw in the towel and be bad. When I was weighing every week, I found that I would kind of splurge a little if I had done good and then, I would scramble when it got near weigh in day again hoping that I hadn't done too much damage.

For me, weighing every day I feel like I can kind of nip a problem in the bud before it gets too out of hand. My husband does like this and has been successful at maintaining. Some of his strategies don't fit for me, but his ideas on weighing seem to have been helpful to me.

Maybe too, this is working better for me now at this stage of my life (menopause) I don't have as much trouble with the fluid flucuations of TOM.

Sorry this was so long. My mom and I were kind of laughing the other day how she and my sister and I, seem to be incapable of telling anything in a brief way.

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I weigh maybe twice a week at the gym.

The scale @ my friend's house has me a good 14# lighter than the gym.

But the gym is the same as the doctor's, usually, so that is the one I go by.
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I bought that new scale several weeks back and I just love it. It is very accurate and gives me the same weight when I get on & off. Makes all the difference in the world.
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I've asked my husband to hide the scale. I get weighed once a month at Curves and for the moment, that's the only check I need. Right now, 5 weeks into my new life, I have gained so much muscle that my actual weight is very deceptive. To look at me, I look as if I am literally shrinking from every part of my body, but the scale barely registers one pound lost. And that just messes with my head.
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After agonizing over this SAME issue, the Cute Boyfriend (who's also a big math geek), told me if I wanted to weigh myself everyday, then I'd have to do an average at the end of the week. It's such a good idea because it also prevents those "hurry up and eat good because I'm about to weigh-in officially" starvations followed by the "thank god it's over" binges.
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