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Default It's been 10 years???

Apparently, it's been just over 10 years since I joined 3FC. Wow. And I'm back again. It's been a while since I've been around. I was fairly active for a while, left for a while because life got busy, then stopped in now and then.

I need to be back. I haven't regained what I've lost. Surprisingly. However, my health requires me to make changes that can only result in weight loss. Last February, I found out that I am diabetic. Not pre-diabetic, but actually diabetic. We had a health fair at work, and one of the things they offered was different blood tests. A finger-prick test to check for cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. Everything was going along fine, until the tech read my blood sugar. I didn't see the reading at first. He asked if he could prick a finger on my other hand, to double-check the reading. OK. Nearly identical result. My blood sugar that morning (after fasting, no less) was 404. I had no clue. I felt fine.

I made an appt with a family dr that same day. I was put on Metformin, but could not tolerate the side effects of that med. After some trial and error, and finally getting an appt with an endocrinologist, I am on Invokanna (one pill a day) in the morning and 75 units of Lantus (long-lasting insulin injection) at night.

My blood sugar levels are coming into control, but are not here yet. I know that I need to work more on my diet and getting some exercise. Exercise is a GREAT help in controlling my blood sugar. I know this, but somehow I just can't seem to get motivated enough to actually DO IT. I also know that I need to change my diet. I don't eat a lot of sugary things - and have completely cut out the massive amounts of soda I used to drink. However, I am still a carb addict. Pasta and bread are my downfalls.

Does anyone here have experience with a LCHF - low carb, high fat -- diet? I have done low-carb in the past, with fairly good success, but it's been more than 16 years since I've done that. I was actually doing low carb when I got pregnant with my daughter. I sincerely believe that the low carb diet is what allowed me to get pregnant -- we had been trying, with medical intervention, for some time.

Well, I guess I've rambled on enough for now. Basically, just saying HI! I'm back again!
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I was diagnosed with T2 a year ago May. I take Metformin ( and a host of other things for my bp, gout, etc.) and I've lost about a 100 pounds, using a good carb and good fat diet. I also started walking daily. The dx of diabetes and the fact that my blood pressure was 200 plus over a 100 lit a fire under my butt. Getting the gout under control helped with the exercise.

My last A1c was 5.3 which thrilled my doctor. I still don't eat sugar, and stick to my new way of eating and I know that likely with T2 I'll end up on other meds eventually but for now it is under control.
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Glad to see you back. We are going to win at this health thing! We just have to believe in ourselves enough to make it happen - even on the tough days. I have heard of many people reversing diabetes through weight loss and adopting a healthy diet. This is my wish for you. I look forward to watching your progress as we get healthy this year! As for the diet I am with lotsakids on this - healthy carbs and fats is my plan instead of "low carb." It works very well for me.

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If you have t2 diabetes, especially, there is no such thing as "healthy carbs". Besides fiber, your body will be processing the sugar the exact same way-- right into your blood stream. LCHF is absolutely the way to go. There are quite a few LCHF groups on facebook (or try marksdailyapple forum). They will probably be a better arena to find the advice, support, and ideas that you're looking for. Re: 10 years, Better late than never!
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I'm on a LCHF (and moderate protein) diet and it's wonderful. Mine isn't due to diabetes but WLS. I stay under 50g carbs/day total (not "net"), more than 60g/day protein and as much fat as that ends up being.
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I've done the Dukan diet before, which was very low-carb, high protein. I seem to remember it being all-meat one day, meat and veggies the next day, all meat again, etc. (But it's been a while)

One benefit to low carb for me was never feeling hungry.

But, never feeling hungry was also, weirdly a downside. Food wasn't as appetizing (even though I generally don't get bored of eating the same meal over and over, and I love meat). And I think when I fell off the wagon it was a harder fall than usual.

Right now I'm calorie counting and I try to get 30% of my calories from protein, 20% from carbs, and 50% from fat, which is actually pretty difficult for me. But the closer I get to my protein target (which is the difficult one to get high enough), the less hungry I am and the better I feel.

I don't have diabetes so on that front I can't be of much help. But I think you could move moderately towards a low-carb diet, if you were worried about switching over entirely. Also you could begin switching out certain carbs for higher-nutrient/fibre versions (whole grains... or take out grains entirely and have sweet potatoes and things like that). Little choices can make a big difference.
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