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  • Sometimes a day to be miserable and lazy is the best medicine!

    I worked on Halloween and my husband didn't feel like giving away candy, so we have a ton. Thought ahead though, and it's all the Starburst/Skittles type stuff that I don't like anyway. Also resisted the urge to go day-after-discount-candy shopping.

    293.6 today. Everything lately has been .6 though, so I'm starting to doubt my scale
  • Good Morning

    Very happy to report the scale said 288 this morning. That is 8 down. Wish all the weight came off as easy as the first 10 or so.

    TheSecondHalf-sorry you are dealing with a nasty sinus problem. That can sap all your energy for sure. Congratulations on hitting 290- now into the 280's we go!!

    ShelBl- yay for 293- so much closer to 290 than the dreaded 300- I have been at 300 and it is a terrible feeling. Good planning to buy Halloween candy you don't like.

    Today it is a beautiful sunny +4 degrees so am off to the backyard to rake a few leaves and have a fire in the firepit. Gotta love weekends!

    Have a great day ladies!
  • Thanks for the sympathy! I think I'm feeling better? I still don't have much voice, but I don't feel quite so raggedy. I'll take it!

    ShelBl, that was smart to plan ahead for the candy. I'm not a big fruity chewy candy fan, either. Just doesn't do it for me.

    Wow, CeeJay, you are tearing it up! Hope to join you in the 280s soon!!!

    After our crummy Halloween, we have had beautiful weather. I just ordered myself some new walking shoes so I hope to get to use them soon. It can be hot and humid pretty much any time of year here, so when we get a few good days I suddenly feel motivated to get outside.
  • Hi ladies.. I would like to join your chat.. I am in the same boat. I left here in July or so in the 270's and I am back at 291.. Blah.. right. So I would love to give and receive some accountability..

    Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.. I weigh in on Mondays.. (well, the one I count) I usually weigh everyday. Not sure why, but I just prefer that.
  • Welcome Sassy!

    TSH weighs every day, and I'm working on getting into the habit as well. 289.0 this morning!!! O.O

    Nice, but I'm realistic. Though that does make me think... as we're all working at this, should I put in to have the thread title changed so that we're not stuck with a 290s thread when we're shrinking?

    Because I'm optimistic!! And full of coffee!!!!

    And vanilla shake, thus my not being too optimistic as to what the scale will say tomorrow. Baby steps though, right? It still felt awesome to see it, and reminded me how awesome it will feel to see it go even lower.

    TheSecondHalf - How are you feeling? Still resting, I hope.

    CeeJay -How was the fire? I miss fall days with a fire in the back yard... not easily done now with the house and dogs.

    Have a fantastic Sunday night/Monday morning!
  • Hello Ladies!

    Well as predicted the scale went from 288 yesterday to 291 today for no apparent reason- just my wonky scale or my wonky body. Not getting bent out of shape about it at all.

    Today was good- ate on plan, rode exercise bike, and did some cleaning and puttering. Loved the extra hour of sleep this morning.

    TheSecondHalf-good for you planning on getting some walking in. I really don't know how life in hot and humid would be for me. I have my own internal furnace that keeps me overheated whenever it gets warm.

    sassyangies- you are welcome here. I bet most of us understand the frustration of regain. I know I have been there so many times. What can we do but keep on trying? And never give up.

    ShelBl- for 289!!! I agree that we should keep with this thread when we all get under the 290 mark. I feel optimistic too. We have all winter to go at this- think how much better we will feel next spring... The fire was lovely. I love this time of year.

    Lets all stay on plan this week- we can do it!!!
  • 290.6 This morning. Always with the .6 -_-

    Work BFF is taking another job, so we celebrated with Five Guys tonight. Oh Five Guys. You evil, evil Incubus....
  • Ok here goes
    Hey all,

    I am at 293.6. I gained about 50 pounds due to hypothyroid. I am going on the 15th to my Endo. I have gone through a brief depression due to the weight gain because I had no control over my weight. I had no energy or strength to lose weight but I have the desire. I haven't given up and I thought maybe coming back for support and accountability would help. I need this site! First step, get out of the 290s. Second, I will check in with you all later. Thanks to all!
  • Welcome RoyalAthena! Glad to have you join us.

    It's been quiet the last few days ladies... how is everyone?

    Any suggestions as to what to change the thread name to?
  • I ran out of Diet Coke last night. I thought I had another 12 pk and as it tuns out, nope. So I thought, well...perfect time to quit, right? NO. OMG NO> It huuuuuurts. I want to lie on the floor and cry, and also pace and twitch and scream, but maybe take a nap. Uuuuuuugh. I know it's a problem. In a normal day, I can easily drink a 12 pk or 2 ltr. It's the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before bed. I have never been able to "just cut back" - I need to have it OUT of the HOUSE. Am seriously considering driving through somewhere to get just one.

  • TSH - You sound like me with coffee. Not an optional thing in this house!

    I got weighed at the insti-care doc today, but they do it in KGs or some such witchcraft and since I can't breathe and am working off of about 5 hours of sleep in the last two days, I didn't care enough to note what the number was to translate it. I think it was 130-something, and the sleep deprived me was more than happy to spend a few delusional seconds thinking it was pounds
  • Hi Ladies!

    Having a busy week here. I am off to stay in hotel tomorrow night (most Thursday nights I am in hotel due to work). I have a plan and am determined to weigh in on Saturday out of the 290's again. Today I am at 290.

    RoyalAthena- welcome to this little group. The thing is to never, ever give up. You can get out of the 290's and soon we will all be walking through the 280's together. I gotta believe that.

    TheSecondHalf-I hear you on the Diet Coke- for me it is Diet Pepsi. For the past 3 months I have banned all pop from the house and it was tough at first. DH was drinking too much regular coke and although he does not have a weight problem, I was concerned about the sugar intake. It was rough at first. I do buy Club Soda and add a bit of juice to get a hit of fizzy drink and sometimes get a diet pepsi at work but am happier not having access at home.

    ShelBl-not sure about what new name for group could be- too tired to think right now.LOL re the delusion at doctor's today.

    Will check back in on the weekend. Take care everyone.
  • Hi ladies.. I am sorry I forgot to post here. I'm having such a hard time getting started. I weighed in at 294 this morning which was really hard for me to see since last week I saw 289 for a day. Not sure what's going on with me.

    I hope everyone is having a great day and week!! I hope I can get back on track!
  • This being sick thing isn't so bad after all! 288 this morning.

    Sassyangel Don't get discouraged!! I've started weighing myself almost ever day, and when I go up it really makes me think about the choices I'd made over the previous day or so and be mindful of what I'm doing. I don't think any of us have just steadily went down without some up.

    TheSecondHalf How are you feeling? All recovered from the ick?

    CeeJay I'm always so jealous of travel-for-work'ers. Maybe because I rarely ever go anywhere and I love to travel.

    RoyalAthena How are you doing? Feel free to just jump in and chat, it doesn't need to be weight related.

    Meeting the inlaws for lunch, pondering going into work at least for my meeting and some case work. No voice, so at least people will leave me alone other than messenger!

    Have a fantastic day ladies!
  • Thanks for asking, I'm still very sinusy. We are having our typical Louisiana "fall" - 80 one day, 42 and raining the next, back up to 95 and 100% humidity. I'll be better in April. Or if we move (we're not moving).

    I am still Diet Coke free but I am having coffee. I typically drink my coffee black, no sugar and I'm not particularly worried about a little caffeine. All the extreme athletes I know seem to be coffee hogs so obviously what's good for an Ironman is good for me, right? Let's just go with that. It's the artificial sweetener that worries me, as well as the caffeine all day long. Because I drink it LITERALLY from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, I never really get a boost FROM it, I just feel the lack of it. I'm seriously hoping if I cut back, then when I do drink coffee, I'll actually get the little jolt I need.

    On the plus side, I've had a LOT of water. I know that what I really want is the DC, but I keep drinking and drinking. It's like when you quit smoking and cruise the cabinets, munching everything you can find. You don't want food, you want to smoke, but food will do.

    Hope you feel better, ShelBl! Hoping to join you firmly in the 280s soon (still holding steady at 290)!

    Hang in there, sassyangies. Good luck, CeeJay!

    I have been kind of floundering the past few days. I need to get my trusty food journal out and make a plan/keep track of what I'm doing because it's just so easy to lose track or to eat something and think, OH NO! I didn't mean to do that!

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!