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  • Ack! PMS hit me like a train...a water-filled train. That I then absorbed. I'm 295. I KNOW it will be gone in a few days but it's a let down. Boo!

    mb2004, congrats!!!

    HealthyMe, welcome!

    silentarctic, I hope you made it. I will probably join you in a few days (I hope)

    I am going to be spending the next week with my parents. My daughter LOVES to go to VBS at their church so we pack up and stay for a WHOLE WEEK. My mom is diabetic, we are all either over weight or fighting every day not to be and she will still stock her house with snack cakes and chips, which aren't my thing but it's hard keeping the kids out of it.

    As usual, I'm taking fruit and cheese and nuts and the kinds of snacks we have at home. I have a lot of VeganSmart protein shake packs for meals. I am hoping if I can do that for breakfast and lunch, I can maybe just watch portion sizes at dinner? And drink my body weight in water? At least they have a pool

    If you don't hear from me, that's what's up. They live way way way WAY out in the boonies so phone reception is spotty. Y'all have a good week and I hope to be reporting from the 280s next Saturday ;-)
  • TSH - Sorry to dissapoint, I DID make it, but then unmade it... apparently my body decided to regain 12 lbs over the weekend. And I'm right back in the high 290's... 298... the sad part is I had seen numbers as low as 285.6 last week. Apparently I like self sabatoge? Ate Pizza Friday Night, and had too many snacks at a party friday and a barbecue yesterday. Argh...

    I need to get my act together for tomorrow.
  • That sounds like one of those gains that is mostly salt-related. You'd have to eat a LOT to gain 12 real fat pounds in two days. If you're back on track, everything should right itself soon.

    So far (day 1.5) things are going well here. I stupidly drove off and left a lot of my stuff in the fridge and freezer at home. The thing I miss most is iced coffee! My mom seems to be making a big effort with her own health right now so I will probably be ok unless she comes home with a sack of crawfish or decides to fry shrimp ;-)

    280s, here I come (again)!
  • I don't know if any of you are like me with salads and would LOVE to drown them in dressing, but if you are, I've stumbled on a 0 cal/0 fat/0 sugar dressing that would allow a little more decadence on those days when you want it - though you still have to not go crazy because the sodium is the only thing that's not a 0. It's not that bad though either so still an option if you just want to have a little more. The brand is Walden Farms and they have loads of flavors like Italian, creamy Italian, Caesar, French, Russian, Bleu Cheese, Bacon Ranch, Creamy Bacon, Asian, Raspberry Viniagrette...and a couple more I can't remember. I've only tried the Raspberry Viniagrette, Bacon Ranch and Russian so far, but they've been good enough to where I'm going to try additional flavors as well. The creamy ones are actually pretty creamy though not like regular dressings, but it's made me very glad haha - I like to dump some in a bowl and dip cucumber chips in them. My own take on chips and dip I guess you could say

    Anyway, just passing it along in case anyone was interested. I think they're vinegar based and some flavors do have a bit of tartness, but not in a bad way. Bleu Cheese is my next try out...I would love to dip a few baked skinless wings in them without feeling guilty!!
  • My mom had those last week but I never got a chance to try them. She seems to like them a lot and she is a salad dressing collector (seriously, whole fridge door Salad dressings).

    My week was not as productive as I'd hoped. I was 291 this morning. I was very careful and tracked most of the week. I had to guess on a few things - I don't even know how you track something like gumbo unless you use the recipe calculator and good grief, no thank you. Looking back, I see I was 195 last weekend so maybe it's not as bad as I thought. I drank a LOT of protein shakes and ate a LOT of apples last week If any of you are Honeycrisp fans, Target has them already!

    I think I'm going to drop WW. They don't have a meeting time that works for me. I think I have one month left in my six month contract so I'll use it through then and then switch to the LoseIt! app.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a crawfish boil to go to tomorrow and I need to bring a dessert so I'm searching Pinterest for something impressive-looking but easy. Bonus points if it's something I don't really like - so I'm thinking cupcakes. I don't know why, I'm just not a cupcake girl.
  • 288.5 this morning so yay! I am so excited to see the 280s, which seems weird Now I just have to stay here. My next goal is to get under 284. It's so hot, I don't want to eat so - wild hope!
  • Congrats TSH - my weigh in is tomorrow morning - hope I have the same kind of result
  • Hope you got the result you were looking for!

    We had fun at our crawfish boil. It was hot, but not unbearable. I found nutritional info ahead of time and just kind of hoped for the best.

    I didn't end up taking cupcakes, but I lightened up a recipe we used to always have for summer cookouts when I was a kid. It's too hot to heat up the kitchen! So while it was totally throw together, everyone liked it. Yay, me! I think I'll make it again next weekend for Father's Day. Unfortunately, I haven't made it in years and the very last line of the recipe is "refrigerate overnight" - oops.

    I'm still hanging in and counting calories. I have been having trouble with the WW app, so I've mostly switched to LoseIt! I really REALLY want to fit into my cute clothes by the last week of July!
  • Glad you had fun at the boil I did well at the weigh in...creeped into the 230's by the skin of my teeth. I had a stall week last week so I was expecting a bit of a drop, but didn't expect almost 6 down.

    I don't know how long it will last as this coming week is going to be full of cheat days - small cheat on Thursday as I was fair warned by a co-worker that she was bringing in a treat for my birthday (though she did say it wouldn't be too bad since she knows what I'm doing), BIG cheat on Friday because I told myself months ago that I was eating pizza on my birthday come **** or high water plus we're doing a Zombie 5K in the dark (we're walking it) and there will be Chicago dogs and I'm sooo shoving one in my face , and then Saturday my mom is visiting and taking me for a pedicure and lunch so maybe a small cheat that day. Next Monday may not be so fun for me HAHA - but its ok because its a special occasion. No guilt even if I creep up some.

    Have a good week!!
  • Congratulations! And happy birthday (a bit early)!!! It sounds like you have a fun week coming up!

    This week has been so busy for me! I thought I'd have a break because my daughter was at camp all day but there was so much to do. I didn't even think about weighing myself until this morning (I'm the same).

    Next week is going to be the same. I need a nap!!!
  • No damage done by my cheats last week - I actually only fell off the calorie budget wagon on Friday when I totally snarfed pizza and breadsticks and a 1am McDonald's stop HAHA Weight held steady and I'm back on track. The Zombie walk/run was hilarious! We'll be doing that again next year I think - laughed soooo much

    Trying a new class tomorrow morning and I'm terrified. The club I'm at has group classes that I love and then they have the next step...small group personal training that are half the time but double the intensity. I'm attempting the low impact core class (the other is a high impact cardio blaster that is a little out of my reach right now). My trainer said she thought it was time for me to step up and give "Chisel" a try, but I'm so nervous. I guess the worst thing that can happen is I can't do it and I continue with the classes I can, right?

    I've been told by others that incorporate the SGPT classes that they give a major boost if done just once a week because they have a 12-24 hour calorie burn kicker in comparison to the 2-hour kickers the regular classes get you. Kind of giving your loss a boot in the *** if it slows a little...we shall see!

    Hope you got your nap! That sounds good right now
  • Well...we are moving. So if you don't hear from me for a bit, that's what happened. It's kind of sudden but it's within the same town. I'm excited but going to be SO BUSY!
  • TSH, hope all is going well with your move