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Default Didn't get to onederland again...

Had my weigh in this morning, lost .2lbs. New weight 200.6lbs. I'm just so sad and stressed out. I had a good cry over it in the parking lot and had another one when I got home.

I have been perfect on plan, did all my exercise (and then some), drank so much water I could float, every single thing that I should have done. And I got nothing for it. Again.

I know you are all so positive in cheering me on, I feel like I'm disappointing you as well as myself. I'm so glad I didn't gain, I would have lost my mind. I just don't know what more I can do.

My medical team still thinks it's my hormones and cycle readjusting in my body. I bought that excuse last week (barely) but not this week. I think they are just trying to be nice to me.

I'm staying perfect on plan and trusting my body and my weightloss strategies that got me this far, but really, I want to say screw it. (I really won't go off plan as I came too far to do that, but in my heart, I'm really sad and angry. That kind of pity is also what got me up to 300+lbs).

Part of being true to myself is telling you all the results of my weigh in so I wrote up this post to you all even though I really wasn't in the mood to. I feel like listening to loud music and crying my eyes out more. Not sure what either of those are going to do but I'm NOT turning to food, no freakin' way.

Thanks for reading and supporting me like you all do, it actually helped knowing I had "someone" (i.e. YOU all!) to go home and tell all of this to. I texted with my husband (he's at work) but didn't want to overwhelm him. He'll hear enough about it tonight.
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Just keep doing what you are doing and those .2 pounds will add up to get you over the hump! Don't give up. You can do this!
Still trying again. Never completely quiting this journey.
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OMG Elvis you are so freaking close! I can't even imagine how infuriating it is for you right now!

We are all proud of you and will cheer you on always! No matter how long it takes you to get to onederland!

You will be in onderland before you know it, you are doing so well and are soooo positive (well... as positive as you can be today ) Go ahead, cry, stomp, have a crank that loud music and get it all out of your system. Tomorrow is another day and you will be that much closer.

Your awesome, don't ever forget it!

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Oh elvislover, I was so looking forward to seeing you post that you'd broken into wonderland this week . How maddening/disheartening!!
You can do this though!! You've come so far. At the very least the 0.2lb's will add up and you WILL get into wonderland, and how crazy exciting that will be!!!
P.S. I love reading your posts, especially the one where you (I'm pretty sure it was you) used the popcorn eating guy on a controversial thread I laughed so hard!

So excited to be healthy and to FINALLY be able to wear the clothes in my closet!!! Come on weightloss!
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Oh yeah, you totally deserve to cry and crank up the music. Get it all out...and then maybe a little retail therapy, or a pedicure to help cheer you up!
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I'm sorry, Elvis, I know this is disappointing to you.

But honestly, I believe your team and think it's the hormones adjusting. I hope you get a big whoosh at some point, but even if it's .2 lbs at a time, keeping on keeping on is still what will get that scale into Onederland. But don't let that scale take away all that you have accomplished, and what you've done for your health and to give your body every possible chance to make and grow a healthy baby.
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How frustrating! I'm sorry you're stalling a bit right near such a big goal

Remember though, if you unit or go off plan now you'll NEVER get there. If you keep n plugging away you very likely will, even if it takes a few more weeks of slow losses. Don't give up, even though the discouragement is huge right now. You've done an amazing thing in losing so much weight, it's bound to not go smoothly at some points. It's just unfortunate that point occurred right by a big milestone.
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Sweety dont stress so much over it! You know stress slows down progress so relax and enjoy how far you have come and keep up the good work itll all work itself out! Youve got this!

~I can't change how people act BUT... I can change how I react to people~
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I am so sorry. its tough not reaching a milestone ! but your pretty close to your goal and there is always next week ! I stalled for 1 month once ! during that time i was still well over 200 pounds ! plateau's are normal we will all go through them at some point. just keep going and you'll reach your goal weight ..time is gonna pass reguardless.
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I can do this
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I'm so sorry, elvis. You'll do this--it's frustrating as all get out, but I know I've read that if you diet you will eventually plateau somewhat. As Arctic Mama said, it's so hard when it's at a milestone.

Goal: Back to where I was!
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I'll write you all personals from my laptop later. My phone makes me dizzy with long replies.

You are an amazing group of people, I hope each and everyone knows that. These posts instantly made me feel better. Thank you.
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Elvis, you're totally my hero, seriously. I would have taken a detour to the doughnut shop on the way home, so I greatly admire the fact that you're still plugging on even when you don't want to. I pitch a fit when I go three days without weight loss so...yeah. You're so hardcore.

That being said, and I might get boo'd out of here for this, but have you thought about not exercising this week? For me, exercising, while it helps me get fitter, can sometimes jack with my weight loss. I do 'intermittent exercise' which I'm sure I totally just made up, but whatever. It helps me stay sane and on track to see the scale move and almost always the exercise stalls things out. Just a thought?

Either way, I know you will get there soon. It's the laws of nature, right? Big hug! and some of this guy because he's funny to me for some reason
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OMG! I must have jinxed you with my .2 yesterday!! You told me I was doing a fantastic job and to just keep smiling! I say the same to you! You never let us down! You inspire us to keep going! - .2 is better than +.2! We will get there! I think your team is right! Hormones are crazy and make our bodies funky. Plus I think you said you had TOM last week and so did I. Then we both had great weeks on plan but only lost .2? It has to be hormones.

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Well, theres a 'plan' or all of us. And I'm sure your onederland will come soon. Maybe since you haven't had a loss, you'll have a big WHOOSH and 3 or 4 pounds will just disappear.

Having a positive attitude (which I know you do) will keep you afloat. Not to worry, it'll come off when its' meant to. Patience is something I've had to work A LOT on, and stress can do SO much to your body. Take it easy, listen to some soothing music, have a hot bubble bath and a green tea. Light some candles and just relax. Let the stress melt away. Being a massage therapist I deal with a lot of people dealing with stress. It causes a multitude of body ailments or problems. Try to relax, not focus so much on the scale and I'm sure when you step on it, you'll have your number and a big sigh of relief.

You're doing awesome and you'll get there!

"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength" Phil 4:13
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Oh, how frustrating for you! But I do believe your team has the right of it. Hang in there, you will make it to Onderland. I'm wondering if you're building up to a big whoosh!
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