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Default Bad Weekend

I had a pretty crappy weekend, eating wise - I was forced into situations where I had to eat at three different restaurants, two of them had absolutely nothing healthy on the menu. Even though I was careful and ate less than half of the meals, I knew I consumed way too many calories, and then I felt bloated and gross so I skipped a different meal to help make up for it and then I was starving so I ate too late in the day and ate things I shouldn't have.

I have no willpower when it comes to my family. I had really just wanted to say no and stay at home, but when anyone misses a family function for any reason it turn into a big thing where my Mom keeps bringing it up for an eternity. I missed Thanksgiving a couple of years ago because I had pneumonia and my Mom still brings it up. And my husband isn't being much better, wanting to stop for ice cream after taking our dog to the dog park, eating fast food in front of me, saying "just one bowl of cheesy hashbrowns isn't the end of the world." Well it feels like the end of the world to me.

I was really upset after my weigh-in last night. I had weighed 286 Saturday morning and then I somehow managed to gain 3+ lbs in less than 48 hrs and I wasn't even happy or satified with what I had eaten. I still had a loss of 3 lbs for the week and I should be happy with that, but I'm still replaying the last 48 hrs in my head wishing for a do-over.

I can't avoid my family indefinitely, but I'm not very good at confrontations, and I don't even want to think about what would happen if they knew why I didn't want to go out to eat. It would turn into a thing, and I would end up feeling guilty, which I fear would send me on one of my infamous mega binges. Ugh...I should have moved to Chicago when I had the chance and then I would at least be too far away to have to eat out with my family very often.

OK - I'm done feeling sorry for myself. It's time to get back to it and maybe try to exercise a little more this week so I can rid myself of the greasy pasta I ate along with the equally greasy pork sausage.

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It's me, Ashleyyy!
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Ugh, I hate that. Seriously, for me the social stuff is the hardest. I am fine when I go out to dinner with my fiance, or work, or home... but as soon as there are other new people in the mix of my eating I am like "Yeah! I'll have another beer" or "sure, I'll split that greasy a$$ app with you."

To be honest, a bunch of my friends are graduating and moving... and I am excited to see them go! I love ya guys, but you're ruining my system and making this harder than it should be.

But don't be too hard on yourself... and also don't weigh 2 days after a disaster like that!! Take a couple days off. Daily weighing is great, but not when you already know you messed up. (I bet that pork sausage was delicious!!!)
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We've all had weekends where we wonder what we were thinking and why did we eat the wrong things and what could we have done differently and and and. If it helps any, I ate great all weekend, and I didn't lose 3 pounds last week! So, you're way ahead of me.

Family dynamics can really add to the challenge of losing weight. But, I try to think about my grandmother who had type II Diabetes. She would fix these wonderful meals, and based on what the Diabetes diet was at that time, she couldn't eat a lot of the food she had prepared (mashed potatoes, for example). So, when I'm in a social situation where the restaurant just screams bad eating, I just order a house salad. Actually, once I ordered three house salads because they were so small, but that's what I had. It's hard because a lot of the food on the menus looks really good and if you've eaten there before, you probably even have some favorites that you'd love to have. But just have the house salads.

The other approach is just to accept that there are going to be times where you have more calories than you would like. As long as it's not every single weekend, then just enjoy the company and try to eat in moderation.

Hope next weekend goes better for you.
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Thanks...I just needed to vent a little. I really felt better today. I'm back on plan and I thought about the things I didn't eat which actually made me pretty happy when all was said and done.
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Somehow I didn't see this thread earlier.

Just wanted say we have all been in your situation and we have to do our best to learn from it and move on.

As far as the family is concerned (mine and my in-laws), I finally had to start bowing out of things (my choice) and have dealt with the guilt and stress of them being mad. The pressure of being on a "diet" plan in front of them is much too stressful! I say "diet" as they think I'm on a diet, but really it's a lifestyle change for me so it's never going to change. I had to decide to do this as my health was in such jeopardy that I wasn't going to be around long for them to criticize my food if I didn't change something and quick!

I have no willpower in front of them, plus it's always cheesy, fattening, yummy food (no one cooks as good as my mom and my husband's father!) and I'm still learning how to eat in normal quantities and picking good foods, not the ones calling me. And I didn't trust myself for a long time. Now, I think I can be there and make the right choices as the scale is more important to me than any food but the issue now is I lost too much weight in a short time for them and they think I'm starving myself and want to watch me eat. But that's a story for another thread.

I'm glad you are getting back on your plan. We are here for you!!
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Sorry you had a disappointing weekend. I find that if I plan for those days that I am going to eat more, I do better. In other words, if I know I am going to a party or something, I will preemptively bump my calories up for that day to some realistic limit. Then I am still in control, and I don't feel like the day took control of me, if that makes sense. Hang in there and I hope you have a good week. I'm sure much of that three pounds is water and will come off quickly.
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