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Default Great Balls of Fire! Back from vacation!

Well, I'm back from vacation and I am thrilled that I didn't gain any weight!! There were no scales to track what I was doing, so I kind of had to wing it and hope for the best. Yes, I indulged a bit and definitely had more calories that I should have. However, we walked or swam every day and my breakfast was always low in calories. Could I have done better? Yes, I could always be more stringent, but for me this works. It is going to be an incredibly slow weight loss, but I'm super duper happy. Today I'm back on track and on a mission!

On a side note: Some of you may recall that I had a friend who recently had WLS. I was nervous seeing her for the first time since the surgery. Intimidated. Maybe worried I'd be jealous. (silly, I know). I saw her just before I left on vacay. She looks good! She's lost about the same as me, but within one month. I saw how it is going to be hard for her...1. everyone expects you to eat little or very, very healthy foods. 2. She was hungry and turned down food our friend had placed on the table. 3. Finally gave in (I guess it didn't physically hurt her, though she's on soft foods only) and ate 2 breadsticks and a frosted cookie. Honestly, I would've done the same thing if I had had the surgery. It just looked like double torture. Yes, she will probably reach her goal by the new year and look amazing. I'll be happy for her and with myself, for I know that this is best way to go about this for me.

OK, now back to my mission!! Should I join the gym? I did it before and only use the elliptical (my fave), however, I feel pressure about going. It stressed me out that it is something I HAVE to do. Make sense? Part of me just wants to walk (one day run). No excuses. I have to move!
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Wow! Not putting weight on on vacation is something to be really proud of! Well done!

Surgery is an option but not right for everyone. Like you, I prefer to go the diet and exercise way, at lest we cn have a treat without feeling ill. lol! But seriously yeah surgery is a quicker option but not necessarily the best!

As for joining a gym, there's pro and cons. I found that once I joined I intially felt I must go mainly coz I paid for it...but as a result it became a habit and now I love going. Working out away from the gym is a lot easier for me to not bother with. Sorry I cant be much help but that was what I did um, maybe try walking and if you fancy a change maybe try a couple of pay as you go sessions at the gym?

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Fantastic that you didn't gain on vacation! Sort of like practice for the rest of your life!

I commented before that I think you'll be happier losing "the old fashioned way." You will be more toned, in better physical shape, and will have learned how to eat for health. Your friend may or may not learn / experience any of that. Just hang in there.

As far as a gym membership goes - it's the best thing I did along this trip. I joined with friends, so that makes going easier, but now after about 7 months, we don't go at the same time as often as we used to. I've made great new friends, even if they are just gym friends, but the same people seem to be at the same classes day to day. It's fun to take classes - my little gym offers a number of different kinds. I push harder in a group setting than on my own, so it works for me. Everyone has to decide for themselves if it's a good thing or if it's just throwing money down the drain. Maybe if you let them know you're interested, they'd offer a short membership (1 month?) at the same monthly rate as a long term membership as a trial. My gym does that. Then you can see if it's for you without joining for a long term.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

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Glad you're back! And that you had a chance to practice maintenance while on vacation. Woo hoo!

I actually loved belonging to a gym. So many different things to do and try. I, too, love the elliptical, but I didn't want to do that every day. I like the treadmill (though prefer walking/running outside when it's not too cold), the stationary bike for a bit of an extra calorie burn while reading a textbook, the classes (especially yoga - it's AWESOME), and the pool. I also like the weight machine for some things, and it's nice to have a variety of free weights to choose from.

But no gym is not a death knell for exercise. I prefer to walk/run outside when it's not cold (singing to my MP3 loudly). I have a student membership to our school gym, but they have pretty limited hours, so I have a cheap elliptical at home in case it's cold and I miss the hours. Exercise TV also has some free work-out videos, and I LOVED my P90X (not in good enough shape to resume that yet, though).

So many great options, and you don't have to choose the perfect one and stick to it. Choose what sounds good, try it, and move on if you don't like it or get bored with it. Just as long as you're moving and having fun, you will feel better physically and will likely help with weight loss.
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congrats on a VERY successful vacation. - no gain is awesome!! Hope it was fun too.

as for the gym, if you are feeling pressure about it, maybe this isn't the right time, which isn't to say that a month or two from now may end up being when you WANT to go vs. feeling pressured to go. But fwiw, I don't think a gym membership is required to make this work, at least I sure hope not! Because I am not in a position to belong to a gym - I am the single mom of a 7 year old and I can't go to the gym in the AM before work, because I can't leave him alone and I can't wake him up earlier than he has to get up already for school, plus gyms don't have childcare at 5:30 am anyway! And we don't get home until after 6 pm as it is, so I'm not going to put him back into childcare in the evening and lose the little time we do get to spend together. I muddle through as best I can, with walking (we can do that together, I'm hoping to start up a good routine with him once the weather cools down a bit), and using my exercise bike and Wii at home.

So I would say that for now, do what FEELS right to you, and just keep an open mind about the gym because there's good chance that at some point, it will feel right, but you can certainly get in good activity without it too.
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CONGRATULATIONS on not gaining while on vacay!!! It is a great accomplishment that not many people can claim.

Right now I am getting along with jogging, in the winter I will have to do some workouts indoors, and I am very greatful to have my own elyptical. There may be a time when I will join a gym and enjoy it, but right now with young kids and keeping a tight budget, it just is not worth it to me.

As far as jogging, what is holding you back from starting now? I never thought I would ever be able to run. When ever I had tried in the past I would get shin splints and stop. Last summer I started the c25k program so I could do a 5k with my son and I am now HOOKED. I am not fast, but I get out there and I go! I have honestly been past by the same speed walker in a few 5Ks. An added bonus is that every step you take jogging, burns more cals than walking. :P

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Way to go on maintaining on your vacation! That's just awesome!
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