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If you wanna Rock It . .
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Default Ya know . . . . . a rant

I really need to vent before I let this stress me out.

First, I stalled out on my weight loss, not a big deal really, i was over due for a plateau so thats fine.
I finally starting getting things moving in the right direction but it's like when it rains it pours.

TOM was late to begin with, Now it's here in full force so I'll be forced to deal with him on my birthday most likely. Not cool.
I somehow sprained my wrist and ankle this weekend and am limited in what I can do exercise wise because we have a pool that is full in my building . . . but the land lord wont open the gate - whats up with that?

The weather changing as much as it is here has caused me to wake up with a headache bordering on migraine for 6 of the last 8 days. NOT kosher.

My DS father is being a complete clusterfunk . . . . again . . . so I'm at the point I don't want to be civil and just let the lawyers handle everything.

DS, God bless him, has decided to throw tantrums about EVERYTHING . . . . I know he's just testing his limits, he's at that age, sigh.

Neighbours above me are and have the loudest most obnoxious 'get togethers' and while I can appreciated some one working out in their home, doing it at 2 in the morning and dropping weights on the floor is not appropriate. DS thinks there are monsters in the ceiling, how do you explain that to a 2 year old?

Sigh . . . . ok my rant is over, thanks for listening.

Back to finding an alternative to hiking and free weights for a while - I can choose to let this defeat me or choose to use this challenge to make me stronger . . . . I will be stronger from this and darn it I will have fun on my birthday!!!
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Coon: I am so sorry that you have too much life to deal with right now. I feel your pain!!! You are right. It WONT kill you and WILL make you stronger.
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Wow, what a day indeed, sounds like you should go get a nice one hour massage that would certainly make you feel better. These things too shall pass.......

Hope you can enjoy your birthday!
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Oh, oh you are having a bad (to say the least) time of it. When God made the world he made a few extra horses behinds! Sounds like your landlord & DS's father & upstairs neighbor are a few of them, eh? Hopefully you will realize that this too will pass & you will be stronger for it. Hang in there! We are all with you!
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Hang in there, girlie!

Everything seems worse when you can't get a good night's sleep! Maybe it's time for a little Benadryl? Kill 2 of your birds....

Hope stuff improves before your birthday!
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Words of encouragement here, but no advice. I've got a 2yr old too so yeh I'm there with you on tantrums! Sometimes I fight them and stick to my guns, other times I melt and give in - got to pick ya battles
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I am here whenever you need me! Well except next week, but you are welcome to stow away in my suitcase Stay strong, you are pretty much super woman

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Last edited by Sandi; 06-15-2011 at 08:56 AM.
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Wink This to shall pass.

We all have "those" kind of days mixed in with the good ones. When they pop up in my life, my favorite thing to say to myself is: This to shall pass!

It's just a speed bump on your journey.
Just take nice long, deep breaths and go on.

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what a day.. no joke!

can you call management about your neighbors above? that's just plain unacceptable. though considering the gate won't get unlocked for the pool and it being June, they don't sound to be the most competent of people.
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Wow, and yes, you are right that when it pours. No doubt you are in the perfect storm of annoyances. Take care and stay strong. I really do hope that your in a better place by the time your birthday is here...if not...get a babysitter and get drunk!
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If you wanna Rock It . .
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awww thanks so much everyone, I justed needed to get that out so I didn't internalize it all, that's never productive.
On the plus, I took a mental health day - in reality I had a raging headache this morning - and I ound out that yoga is the way to go until my ankle and wrist are feeling better . . . . felt really good to get through that hour today too.

Thanks again
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I hope all improves for you in a short time. Enjoy your son - they grow so quickly! The change in weather sometimes gives me headaches, too, so I can sympathize. I see by your ticker that you've made wonderful progress. Let that accomplishment be what you think about rather than the roadblocks you are facing temporarily right now. Stay positive.

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