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Default I hate too.

I hate to cook and with me doing this weight loss journey how can i get into it starting off easy.
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I think to make it easier when you first start you could buy your fruits and veggies already cut up or prepared. Also, if you don't really feel ready to bake a whole turkey or chicken you could always buy a rotisserie one in the grocery store. It's very convenient, but definitely more expensive.

The other thing to try is batch cooking or making all your weekly meals in one day.

Good luck!
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Pretty much what Tai said. Also, if you can get hold of a few simple, healthy recipes that you like (through healthy eating/living magazines or the Internet, maybe), that will give you a base to build on. Also, don't be afraid to play around a little. A few simple spices and herbs, some lemon juice, and whatever veggies you like can go a long way to spicing up basic meat or vegetarian dishes.
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i use this site for quick easy 'diet friendly' recipes:

they almost always have something tasty. i really love the 'recipe makeover' section, where they take the really yummy but really bad foods, and make them a lot lighter. and they are always fairly easy because they are user submitted, not created by chefs to be gourmet.
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it helps to 'automate' your life, if you don't need a ton of variety and can the same few things for breakfast, say some cottage cheese and fruit, that's easy peasy, or a smoothie with some protein powder in it.

Subway has a lot of great choices (i even ask them to scoop out some of the middle part of the bread so more veg can get crammed in there), or a big grocery store salad already made up and a rotisserie chicken as mentioned, will last a few meals.

There's tons of choices these days, even if you don't want to cook there's no reason not to pick healthy things - and most nutrition info is available online for just about everywhere!

my fav thing is the big batch -- cook 6 big chicken breasts in one go, freeze 'em, so you always have it handy to toss in a salad, mix in with some veg & quinoa, it doesn't have to be gourmet every night!
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I second the chicken breast suggestion if you are into chicken, you can bake them, then when you want to 'cook' with them you don't really have to cook just reheat. I also keep frozen veggies on hand so that makes it easier too (they are precut up). It really makes life simpler when I take the time to do that.

Start simply, cooking doesn't have to be a big production.
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I hate to admit it, but I usually eat at least one Lean Cuisine meal a day. It saves me a lot of flippin time, thats for sure. I'll usually add some seasonings or goat cheese on top though, to make it more yummy.

As other people said, too, frozen veggies are a quick fix as well!!
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Raw veges, no cooking -LOL- But I agree with batch cooking so you always have something prepared that you can just grab.
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Steaming bags have really helped me. I use two brands Ziploc and Glad.
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I actually batch cook quite a lot because cooking bores me. I makes tomato soup in a giant batch freeze whatever I don't eat into serving size and then I can nuke it in the microwave and go. I batch cook in the first weekend of every month, I have about twenty meals just by scaling my dinners up a bit. It also makes it easier to just pick something up that you know the calories of and not have to think about it.
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Some people seem to be born loving to cook and others, like me, have to grow into it. I love it now but I certainly didn't when I started.

Everyone else gave great suggestions. Find easy recipes to start (I love, use some prepackaged ingredients to cut time and remember that it doesn't have to be gourmet. One of my favorite meals is teriyaki orange chicken and rice: cut up chicken breast cooked with 1/4c teriyaki sauce, a couple Tbsp of oj concentrate and some veggies (onions, peppers, snow peas, etc.) served over whole grain rice. Easy peasy.
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I batch cook too, because I despise cooking. Not to mention that if I don't have meals prepared for me, in the freezer, then I end up cooking 2 meals at supper every night, that I did that for a while, and it SUCKED.
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I try to cook up a bunch of stuff on the weekend to freeze. It helps me and my family from relying on take out.
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Thanks Ladies, all your answers helped. The teriyaki orange chicken and rice sounds amazing.
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