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Default New here.... Need support and here to support

Hi all..
This is not my first time on this site but definitely the first time adding a thread. I am a 24 year old girl and for the most of my life that I can remember, I have been obese. I have done various diets here and there, but all the weight came back and some more. Now here at 230 pounds I am unhappy with the way I look and more importantly how I feel. I am only 24... I should be able to have stamina to work all day then be out and about but here I am barely waking up to go to work, being sleepy all day, then coming home after work and wanting to just lay down and do nothing. I have decided that this is going to have to change. I have never been big on exercising and frankly do not enjoy it at all (any form) but I am going to HAVE TO fall in love with it. This is where I need your support.. some suggestions as where to start for a healthy lifestyle: healthy eating and exercising.
So as of yesterday 1/24/2011 I have decided to change my ways and am trying to stick to a 1400 calorie/day and exercise. Yesterday and today I went to the gym and both days have burned 400 calories on a treadmill (400 calories is what the treadmill read... I don't know how accurate that really is...) I plan on continuing it. Please advise if what I am doing is good/bad/needs changes.
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WELCOME!!! Sounds like you have a good plan, this site is great for answering all sorts of questions. You will like it here and find lots of support.
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Hi and welcome! I'm a newbie too, counting calories also. It sounds like your at good start. I'm here for you if you need support
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I got this
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Welcome!!! You can do it! I'm a newbie as well!!
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Hi delhigal515! I just wanted to welcome you to this wonderful forum. There is a ton of information. Good luck, I hope you are able to reach your goals.
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Just Me
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I wouldn't worry too much about the calories burned as unless you are using a chest strap HR monitor, that won't be too accurate. I'd just keep what you are doing for a while and tweak as necessary.
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Welcome! Counting calories and exercise....good plan. Try to get away from processed foods. Eat lots of veggies, fruits and some lean meat. If you eat grains, go for the whole grains....try for the least processed foods. You can do this!
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There are a lot of different people taking different roads on this same journey. Take what you want from all approaches and see if it works for you!

Can you add a short walk on breaks and/or lunch? That can give you 20-30 minutes a day which is definitely going to help and is a great way to keep at it if you don't make it to the gym. And for me, it helped me stay away from the calorie laden breakroom! It also helps with job/life stress.

I am barely waking up to go to work, being sleepy all day, then coming home after work and wanting to just lay down and do nothing.
For the tiredness, have you had your thyroid tested? There are other symptoms like hair loss, cold extremities, dry skin patches, etc.
It also sounds like you may have a bit of sleep apnea. (I know because I have it too, but I use a CPAP machine). It may be time to see your dr. Until you do, try to always sleep on your side and with your lower jaw jutted out (sorta like you have an underbite) to open the airway.

Healthy eating - I have fruit and vegetables with every meal - no matter what else I have. I always cook up a bag of green beans, peas, and/or broccoli and make up individual servings which I can nuke. I always have raw spinach, red bell pepper and carrots to add to my plate. I always keep mandarin oranges, pears, apples, and blue/black/rasp berries in the fridge. I love a colorful plate even though it might seem like it costs more, it really doesn't because I don't buy chips, cookies, candy or fast food.

Good luck on your journey! See ya 'round!
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As you progress in your fitness, both exercise and weight drop, your stamina will increase. You may not notice it until you, without having to think about it, go through a day in which you accomplish a lot more than you could have before. It will be a great moment when you realize you've reached this point. It does keep getting better. Part of the reason is that you are lugging around less you, part of it is that as your fitness and weight improve, your sleep quality will improve. That is a big part of my motivation to keep moving forward! "Assume Strength!"
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One day at a time!
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Welcome and congratulations on your decision. You are smart to get this under control now instead of waiting like I did. A year from now, you will be so glad that you started!

It sounds like a good plan. Like Nelie said, I would not worry about the calories burned right now.

I think that my best advice to you is to not give up. If you have a day where you eat more than 1400 calories or do not exercise, don't feel discouraged, just get back on track.

I am looking forward to hearing more from you. You can do this!
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Welcome!! It sounds like you have a great plan! I also wouldn't worry too much about how many calories the treadmill says you burned, they can be fairly inaccurate. In any event, getting on and moving is what counts! Good for you for taking control now - like Cheryl says (time2lose) a year from now, you'll be so glad you started.
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Welcome, sounds like you got a great plan in place. This place is awesome to give and get support. Joining challenges also helps alot. Good luck on your weight loss jounrey.
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slim endgame
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Hi you will find encouragement and motivation here!
Congratulations on a healthy life changing decision you have made.
Oh to be 24 again I wish you all the best!!
Be sure to eat lots of veggies, fruits, chicken, fish, eggs, skim milk, etc.
I would also recommend keeping a weight loss journal. Record the date, your weight, foods eaten, exercise and all your measurements. You will learn patterns in your weight loss that way. And it is really cool watching thos numbers come down.

My best advice would be to eat good healthy food, gets lots of exercise, drink lots of water, don't eat too few calories you will set yourself up for a binge- take very good care of yourself! You have a long wonderful life in front of you
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Welcome to the site & the support section!

I found it really motivating, when I first came here, to go to the goal section and to see the success stories there. Also, it is a place full of good information about what worked for those folks.

What works for me is to see a good loss up front, that keeps me motivated. To do that I start with low or no carbs, lots of lean protein (chicken, fish) and lots of fiber and water. This may not be the right combination for everyone, but it works really well for me and is maintainable. I added healthy (whole grain) carbs back into my plans more regularly once I'd lost the first 25lbs.
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