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Default How honest is your ticker?

Someone brought up in another thread that tickers are often incorrect, and I wondered about it. Is your ticker correct? Do you adjust it up if up is where it should be? How often?

For me, I update the ticker when it goes down and that represents my new low. My low currently is 176; over the weekend it bounced around but I didn't change anything, because I still consider 176 to be my current weight. When I get to maintenance I'll leave it alone unless it gets to my redline on the high or the low side.

The only time it was really "off" was after my surgeries, when everything was wonky and there was no real way to tell what I weighed. My ticker during that time was off as much as 10 lbs on the high and the low side. I set it at 177 when it sort-of settled and then left it there until I was ready to go on losing again. I consider that a special case.

I haven't seriously fallen off the wagon and regained any weight in the last 11 months, though, so I guess it was easier to keep the ticker honest.

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Calorie counter
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I update mine the same as you. 156.8 was my new low. Today it's actually 158.2. Eventually I get to and surpass that low again. Now if I ever go totally off plan or something, I'll adjust up, but that's never happened.

I figure once I'm in maintenance I'll ditch the beloved ticker and go with the side info.
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My "goal" story: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/goal...goal-post.html
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My signature weight thing has "clw" for "current low weight". As soon as I see the lowest weight into new territory I update that. If I've been up for more than 4 or 5 pounds for longer than a week or two, I'll adjust the signature to be more accurate. This morning my weight was 190 exactly so I'm often very close to it on a day to day basis. Sometimes though my "current low weight" is up for weeks (even a month) without being changed. I've just sort of hovered a pound or two above.
Height: 6'2
Starting weight/ Current low weight/"redline" weight
Total: 267.6 pounds.

I will do the Komen 60 mile walk for breast cancer again this year!!
Next goal is 175: Pounds from goal = 4.2.

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I don't even keep a ticker anymore. I just keep my weight updated under my profile. I update it weekly, on Mondays. Up or down.
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I update my ticker every Wednesday, usually.

When I gained some weight last summer - it was tough, but, I got honest. I updated it every other Wednesday then. I think I wasn't posting much except for daily gratitudes. It's always my anchor here. I

Move ticker, move!
Next Mini Goal - 214

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher

I can't lose 100 pounds....but, just maybe I can lose five pounds twenty times.
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Child of Har, 6rayedstar
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I am only going to update mine when I know I can hold my new current low for more than three weeks. I say that because as a woman who has bad PMS, I can gain 5 to 7 pounds in water weight. I also swell up after strength training. Truthfully speaking. I think its helps if you are really honest, it helps with accountability and motivation

--- every man and every woman is a star/LVX
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I change my ticker when my weight gets to XXX.4.
3fc tickers only show whole pounds.
I started at 215.6, so I reckon that if I get to XXX.4, that's more than the whole pound.

My weight tends to ricochet if I've had a big drop. If the ricochet up is only 1 day, and if I stayed on plan, I leave it as it is. If I'm on plan, I have not gained fat overnight.
If it's still up the 2nd day, I alter it.
If I have some bad choice days and really mangle my weight, I alter it.

I can't see any point in lying and I don't for a moment think that anyone does.

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Like you mine represents my low. Right now is TOM so I'm about 2-3lbs heavier for a week and then I normally see a drop right afterwards.. I don't change it because it seems silly to change it just for a week every month!

I've seen pretty steady weight loss so I haven't had a reason to increase it yet (hopefully ever!!! ). But like PPs said if I did go crazy and ate like mad for a week then I'd change it accordingly.

Starting Measurements (B/W/H): about 51/40/46, 240 lbs Goal Reached Pre-Pregnancy: 39/29.5/38, 156lbs Current: about 43/34/42
Started at 240
Onederland 199 (Jan 6, 2010, exactly 2 years after my previous due date!)
Overweight BMI 185 (Aug 3, 2011, one year after joining 3FC!)
Pre-pregnancy weight 175 (Oct 18, 2011)
Called Goal 156

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Mine's a big lie. I actually weighed 157 this morning.

I'm in maintenance so I don't worry about keeping it completely accurate, but when I was losing I would update it once weekly on my official weigh-in day. I felt like that way the trend was always down and I didn't have to pay any attention to daily fluctuations.

Current Weight: 144 lbs.
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The girl who can
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I update my tickers and sidebar every Sunday when I do my "official" weigh-in. Whether my weight is up or down it gets changed to my current weight.

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I update mine once a week. Up or down on Monday mornings. But I also keep two of them, one for my current mini-goal, and one for the big picture goal.

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Mine is honest. I weigh everyday and I try to change it when my weight has changed. If I fluctuate up a bit for a day then I might not change it straight away (especially if I've been 100% on plan), but if I'm still up the following day I adjust it up accordingly.

Same thing with moving it down...although, as someone else said, since 3FC tickers don't do tenths of a pound, I will usually slide it down when I've reached xxx.4.

For me it's important to keep my ticker accurate and honest for myself. I could slide it down all the time but that's not going to keep me accountable and on-track. If I'm moving up I need to be aware of that so I can try to make changes accordingly.
Mini Short Term Goal

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I weigh in on tuesdays and update it then with my current weight. I don't gain weight during my tom so that isn't really a concern. I always want it to be accurate - for myself. I need the reality of what my weight actually is, not what my low is. I feel accomplished being able to move it down.
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Well, I try to keep mine honest too. I update it for losses if I see a new number on the scale. But, I keep in mind daily fluctuations if it goes back up. For example, yesterday and the day before I weighed in at 205. Today, the scale said 206. I didn't add the pound back on the ticker because it may be gone again tomorrow.
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I weigh in every day and update my profile every few days.
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