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Default Bat wing contemplation

Was it just last weekend I was whining about not being able to show off my finally in shape arms because of internal air conditioning and my new cold sensitivity?

Well there's nothing like pictures to bring me back to earth.

There's also nothing like pictures to make you focus on the worst part! There were dozens of pictures taken yesterday at my 51st birthday celebration of jumping out of trees (zipline tour) and all the rest of them with my arms at my sides or other usual positions the arms were perfectly acceptable. But once I saw this one, really knocked my body acceptance down a notch.

So self talk session to remind myself that last summer I was too heavy to even go out on a zipline course (there is a weight limit), that my fitness is such that I would want to do something this active to celebrate, that every other picture showed a happy, fit person.

So I'm posting this picture here and as my new FB profile picture and continuing to work toward my goal. I now know where those last lbs. have been hiding...
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LOL. Girl, it's so easy to focus on the "bad" features in our pictures but really you look amazing and so HAPPY in that picture.
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Girl I'll take the bat wings any day over being too heavy for a weight limit... Great job on getting to that point... your awesome!
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Happy belated birthday! If you had not mentioned it I would not have even noticed your arms; only the wonderful smile and look of happiness on your face. That zip line looks like so much fun.
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Happy Birthday and wow, you are braver than I am! Zip line, shudder
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I want to feel better
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Happy Belated Birthday! You look so happy - how great to be able to go zip-lining.
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As always love your attitude - and the look of exhilaration on your face in that pic!

Being strong matters too, and I see a nice bicep in that pic
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You look amazing and there is no way anybody would guess you were 51. Seriously, you look like you are in your 30s. I have the bad wings too, but they will get better over time and the alternative is so much worse
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Do you know where everyone's else eye goes on the pictures! To your eyes and to your mouth!! I've never seen such pure joy! And I disagree with Matt...I think you look 21!! I'd card you!

I bet you have a lot of gravity and a bit of wind to blame for that picture.
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Congratulations on having such an awesome birthday celebration & I agree with everyone else~I love the happiness on your face~the youthful happiness actually!
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I'm going to comment as I would if you had just said, "Look, I went ziplining!"....Awesome photo! You look so happy, active, and energetic. So alive!

See...nothing about "batwings".
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You look great!

I keep trying to build up my arms muscles to kinda hide my bat wings. It's not working. Lol!
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Happy Birthday and you so don't look your true age I would have guessed way younger! I really detest my bat wings too and have to have them removed in the spring (I can NOT wait!!!) I have done so much toning and have nice muscles but the sagging skin is just not going anywhere for me. I love your attitude you are awesome!
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wait what, 50?! Agreed both you and matt look much younger than you are. wow.

also - my bat wings are one of the things that have almost completely vanished. they can hide, but not for long! even with the loose skin I still have, they dont show now that Im at a lower weight.
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I looked at that pic 3 times, not bec of any batwings but bec I couldn't believe you were 51! I agree, you look in your 30s. Wow! happy belated bday! I have major batwings and I kinda sorta don't think they're going to really go away no matter what weight I am. that's ok.

well, off to go watch a scary movie! it's pre-Halloween after all.
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