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Nine years to go!
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Default Un-Folding!

I love the silly "YAY" moments that come with losing a lil' weight. This morning I was checking myself out in the mirror before my shower and was inspecting my lower belly. I thought something looked weird... I realized I could see the bottom of it. It used to be sort of a flap, or a fold of fat that rested on the skin below it, but now it appears to have shrunk enough that it doesn't fold over anymore. Crazy!

That prompted me to turn around and check out the back fat situation. I used to have this Michelin-Man look to my back with folds stacked on top of each other, but wow! Now they are just... bulges. Ha! All of my fat is now self-supporting! No more folds!

This gives me great optimism for how my skin will look later. It looks like it's still got some bounce-back left in it.

Yay for being bulge-y instead of foldy!
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I didn't think I'd cheer for bulges but yes, they are much better than folds.

Congrats on your bulges!!!! Now we all have another NSV we can look for! lol!
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Now Mom to 5
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Yes, bulges are much much better than folds. Congratulations!
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Calorie counter
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LOL! I know what you mean about the belly thing. I had this crazy dark purple line running under that belly fat. Now it's a faint purple line and I'm thrilled! I keep waiting for it go away, but alas, I think it may be one of the last things to go. I'm ok with a pouch, but this is more like Santa's bag of toys.
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This is a great NSV! Congrats
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Living and Learning
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Woo Hoo!

One of these for every five pounds lost
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It IS great, and I can also add another giggle at 3FC terms. I am just amazed and delighted at how frank and also how silly we can be as we work on such a difficult, complex problem as weight loss.

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wants that Louis Vuitton!
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oh man- I can totally relate! That must be a great feeling! Great job! =D

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To be fit and FLY....
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YAH on being BULGEY!
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Congrats! I can't wait to unfold and just be bulgey instead!
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The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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Loser :-)
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I am still in the folds club but look forward to just bulges soon. I think I have pretty un-elasticy skin though, as I remember having folds when I weighed just 200 lbs. Albeit, much smaller sacks of fat folded over. LOL

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3 + years maintaining
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What a relief!! Un-folding.. This is a GOOD thing.

From the title, I thought for certain this was a thread about - going off plan, you know - spiraling out of control - unfolding - like in unraveling.

So glad it's not!!! Congratulations and may you continue to un-fold (& de-bulge-ify) away.
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Congratulations on your de-folding!! I am adding this to my weight-loss dictionary for sure!

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Wait until you're celebrating 'knobbly'. I looked down at my left knee on Tuesday whilst I was driving. I was wearing a skirt for the first time this year and realised that yes, that bump on my left leg was a knobble - I had knobbly knees. Who'd have thought that that would be a cause for celebration

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