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Default Starting an exercise routine

So far I've been losing weight just on diet changes alone. Which has been great, but I'm sure the honeymoon is over and if I want to keep going towards my goal, I need to get serious about getting some more activity in my life.

I have no excuses, it's just pure laziness.

So, for those of you that have made working out a part of your life, how did you start?

I used to do a 3-4 day a week exercise routine, but made up all reasons why I had no time from school, work and my son. Previously, I've started with too much and burnt myself out.

I have a treadmill at home and a Wii Fit that I enjoy, the Firm dvd's and some pilates. I know I would really enjoy it once I got back into it.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm thinking of setting a small goal of 3 days a week of at least 30 minutes and work up from there. What do you all think?
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I just recently started exercising as well. I am doing the BL weight loss yoga dvd and also "trying" to work on the C25K on the treadmill, but have only been able to walk through it this far. Its been harder on me than I thought it would be, but my husband has been very encouraging saying "you have to start somewhere" - and even if I only make it through 15 mins of the yoga DVD and 10 mins on the treadmill, its better than nothing! YOU can do it! just remember its mostly a mental game! Good Luck!
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3 days a week/30 min a day is a great start. But be careful, you might enjoy it, get hooked and keep upping the ante
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For me the thing that works is challenges.

I have challenged myself to do the 100 push-up challenge. I did 137 push-ups over six sets last night. I would never have thought myself capable of that a month ago.

I have challenged myself to fight in every war point fight at Pennsic this summer (august, 20 pounds of metal armor, lots of people to hit and hit me with sticks) I need to grain the endurance to last in the sun for a couple of hours and hold up my metal shield so I do not get dead quite so often. Right now I can fight for about 20 minutes, so I have a lot of work to do but the goal keeps moving me along.

I have challenged myself to finish 30 days of each level of the 30DS. Its hard work but its getting easier.

I have been challenged by my BFF to inspire him to work out. When I work out, he works out. So not only am I helping myself, I am helping others, which I love doing.

This is how I keep myself moving, because, lord knows, the scale is not being kind to me. But I feel stronger and I am fitting into smaller clothes. Those are rewards themselves, and when I meet my challenges I will get the rewards of knowing myself capable of something I was not capable of before because of my weight/physical health.
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I'm the same way in that I have previously made it too hard and quit.

First and foremost I have to schedule my exercise. My best of time of day is early morning, so I'm up at 5:30 to begin my workout.

I like to change up my routine depending on my mood. That keeps me motivated. And I too like fitness challenges. I love to see how long I can run today compared to two weeks ago, or how many sets I can lift compared to a few weeks ago.

To keep myself in check and to keep myself from going overboard, I also like to write down my plan for the week. That way I can't decide to go nuts on a whim.
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This was something that took me a long time to figure out.

I used to try to force myself to exercise in the morning. That's supposed to be the "best" way as so many articles have told me. I have fatigue issues (low thyroid and I get anemic) so try as I might, exercising in the am just didn't work for me. I finally had to let go of the idea that, for me, that this was not the best way.

So, I go to work and come home, make a healthy dinner and it's 8pm. Where did the day go? You're not "supposed" to work out before bed, right? I came up with the conclusion that I had "no time" to work out.

Then, an idea hatched. I had "time" to sit on my butt on the couch at 8pm to about 10pm watching TV. But, Anne, you'll miss those hours with your family night. Oh yeah, nope, no time.

Then, I thought about my exercise bike in the basement that I never used and wondered about bringing it upstairs. "That would look so terrible in the living room, Anne." "Everyone will know that you are exercising - how embarrasing!" Okay, nope that won't work either.

I dont' know the moment that it all clicked, but I finally said "Who cares!" I brought the bike upstairs, planted it in the middle of my living room for all to see (we have a great room floorplan) and started riding it for an hour every night while watching TV with my family *gasp* before bed!

At first, I just barely rode with any speed. At the end of the hour, I was surprised to see I had burned 300 calories doing what felt like "nothing." I was hooked! Now, I go at a speed and intensity to burn almost 600 calories in the hour. I watch way more television than I did before. And there have even been times when DH will get on the bike after me.

I include my excuses and thought trail because my solution might not work for someone else, but the thought pattern is a good one. Each time you find a roadblock to exercise challenge it but find something that fits with the life you have now. Especially in the beginning. If the idea of becoming a gym rat is alien to you, then it's not the best solution. There IS a best solution out there for you! Just find it!

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In the beginning I was so out of shape I just made it a goal to move more. After I lost 50# I started going to a water aerobics class and I do that 3x a week. Each class is 45 minutes long. I go early in the morning, frankly because it's less crowded and I love 'getting it out of the way'. I just this week started exercising to a tv program I found. They do some sort of different exercise every day so it give me a nice variety. If I have to miss a water class, I substiutute the tv for that day and I also do it on my off days. That's 5 days a week exercising for 30-45 mintues every day. Right now, I'm taking weekends off but who knows how I'll have to change things in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm exercising on the weekends sometime down the road. I will deal with that if and when the need arises.

My attitude in the beginning was to just do something, anything. If I hated it I promised myself I would move on and find something else. I'm a sedentary person by nature so I don't expect to love what I do all the time. I will always have an excuse to not exercise. So, I gave myself permission to miss classes for only two reasons--bad weather (I'm scared to drive on icy roads) and being sick. Every other reason I might come up with is not considered valid and therefore I just GO!

Anyway, that works for me. Just start off trying something, trying anything, until you find out what works for YOU. We don't know until we try, right?

Good luck and enjoy! I think you goal is very doable!
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When I started a couple of months ago, I promised myself that I would schedule my workouts and in the beginning just move during that time regardless of intensity. I wanted to just start getting in the "habit" of moving at a certain time most every day. I aimed for going to the gym 5 times/week. It didn't matter what I did there in the long as I was "there" and moving. "There" could be the wiifit, the treadmill...or whatever works for you. I found that the hardest part was just getting "there." BUT for some reason it was easier when I told myself there were no expectations.

For me, I am lucky in that I was able to change my work schedule to 7am - 3pm so that I could be at the gym at 3:15pm every day (aka, the slowest time of the day at the gym). This has really worked for me but I would say, find a time that feels good TO YOU. Going early in the morning has never worked for me because honestly my desire to sleep is much stronger than wanting to work out. AND going around or after 5pm never worked because I am hungry for dinner, wanting to see my hubby, etc. But that's just me.

Make moving a priority and schedule it. I notice on weekends when I tend to not have a scheduled workout, I am much more likely to say "I'll do it later...I'll do it later..." I would encourage you to just start moving and don't worry as much about what you are "doing" in the beginning. I'm seeing that I'm naturally learning more about fitness and adding to my exercise regime...but it doesn't feel like "work" as I think it would have in the very beginning.

Best of luck to you! You will do great!
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When I started, I had a person trainer who would kind of set out a plan for my work outs for a week at a time. After about 2 months I tried a Bootcamp class, but would only go if my trainer was subbing for the regular instructor. 5-6 days a week of cardio, and every other day I would do weights after my cardio. About a year ago, I started going to Bootcamp on a regular basis. I tried a Kickboxing class about 4 months ago, and I now do that on Mondays. Tuesdays and Thurdays are bootcamp, and Wednesdays and Fridays I do a stationary bike or walk outside. I am trying to get into hiking on a trail that is very popular in my area.

I think that you should start with the things that you have at home already. Three days a week for 30 minutes is a great place to start. I think that the more you exercise, the more you will love it, and that will take you to trying new things to challenge yourself.
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