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Default A New Start

I'm 36 years old, single mom of a 2 year old little girl. I didn't start gaining weight til i was 25. And now I'm up to 264.2. A friend at work is helping me try to make better choices. He's got me making two changes right now to start, and that is to drink more water. 130 Oz a day, and everytime I go to the bathroom I climb two sets of stairs. Also to change my breakfast choices. So Today I have officially started. Would be nice to find more support as not eating is a HUGE struggle for me. My Strech goal weight is 130lbs, goal is 160lbs. So I have roughly 100-130lbs to lose. I'm a terribly impatient person, and I just want to wake up tomorrow and all the bad weight and bad choices be gone. It does not help I have a high stress drama filled life due to ex and family and work issues and no real friends to talk to about what I'm going through. Food was my only comfort and now I'm fixin to deprive myself of that, and I'm worried how I'm going to handle everything.
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You've come to the right place! Read through the posts and get to know these ladies. They have made amazing accomplishments and the collective widsom is so inspiring! Congratulations on deciding to do this!!
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Welcome! Congratulations on starting your journey to health and well-being. Instead of thinking of it as depriving yourself of food, think of it as giving yourself the gift of eating for health and wellness. You can't imagine how much better you are going to feel in a couple of months as you stick with it. The water, the stairs, the breakfast choices - those are all good places to start.

Stick with us, we are all in this together.

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Hi From Canada, eh?
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hi & welcome! good for you for making the choices you have!! We all didn't get FAT overnight, so we can't get SKINNY overnight either unfortunately I am an impatient person as well, but I had to let that go. I made a plan of how many calories would result in a deficit for the day/week and forged ahead as best I could and the weight came off. Not over night, but it DOES come off eventually ~ and I figure, the time's going to pass anyway right?? i'd rather be down 15 pounds for the YEAR than UP 15 lbs when it's over!

Big thumbs up for the specific small changes! Once you've mastered those you can move on to 1 or 2 more, make them part of your life, and boom! before you know it you'll be in a short swishy skirt feeling like a million bucks
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Oh, I love the stairs idea. Do you really have to climb stairs to go the bathroom or do you go out of your way to do so? I could do that. Climb the stairs every time I go the bathroom. How clever.

Welcome! You can do this. And we all want to snap our fingers and be done with this, but then where would the big accomplishment be? No one says "Congratulations" to those who lose a lot of weight without a lot of admiration in their tone because everyone knows what a struggle it is. But it can be done and I think baby stepping your way into the process is a great start. I figure ten pounds less in January 2011 is a whole lot better than 10 pounds more!
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Congrats on joining! I too am new at this. I started a thread yesterday (about anxiety regarding going to the gym) and the support I received was so incredible and helpful! This place truly has a lot to offer! You came to the right place! All we have to do is take one step at a time...lets do this!
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Welcome! You've taken the hardest step and that is always the first one. Congrats on joining here and getting started!
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Never want to go back!
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Well, you can wake up tomorrow and have the bad choices be gone if you set your mind to it and strive to make good ones every time food is an option. Then the weight will take care of itself. I think your new habits are really good ones. When you start losing a little, the motivation to make even better choices kicks in.

Best of luck to you!
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The stairs are in the hall way. There are 6 or 7 sets of them. Each set has 11 steps. I do 2 right now as thats all I can really handle at this point.
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Loving life!!
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Welcome I'm pretty impatient myself but the end result of weight loss is worth being in it for the long haul!
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