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Default Help! I'm frustrated...


I'm a wimp. I seem to need constant reinforcement...


I just posted my first no loss week... in fact, this am I was actually up a pound, (though I suspect that's a daily fluctuation, not a true gain...)

The only other thing I noticed is that I haven't been too hungry either-- I seem to lose more when I'm hungry...

Ok... vent over.
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You lost 50 pounds! That's a huge accomplishment... look how far you've come!

Unfortunately, weight loss does tend to slow down as we go further on our journey so we get plenty of opportunities to practice patience. I'm sure you know that fluctuations are normal and I am often up, but over the long run more often down.

Just keep plugging away and you will reach your goal!
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One day at a time!
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You've lost 50 pounds and this is your first no loss week? Hey, you are doing great! You will probably have a whoosh next week to make up for this week.
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3 + years maintaining
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Consider yourself reinforced.

Darling, it was bound to happen. These things ARE going to happen from time to time. Weight loss is not linear and does not happen in exact increments. If only .

Besides, think of it as a practice run for maintenance. Staying on plan and not losing.

Anyway, STICK with that plan. And there is no way that you can not NOT lose. Maybe you'll get one of those wooshes next week. Or maybe not. No difference. This is your lifestyle now. It's what you do and who you are. Adhere to that plan of yours and there will be many, many, MANY more losing weeks ahead of you.

Oh and I've heard some folks say that they do find they have losses when they are hungrier. That has never, ever been my experience though. I may have mentioned this (oh I don't know, maybe a trillion times), but I have rarely been hungry throughout my journey. But please don't use that as a reason to get/stay hungry. Okay?

I look forward to hearing of your continued success. I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that it's coming.
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You are doing great, look how far you have come!!

The scale is not the only place to see the changes, and neither is a tape measure or even clothes.. sometimes we need to look inside ourselves and see how much we have grown as a person and know how much we are doing for ourselves in our new lives.
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No description available.
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Keep on keepin' on, girl!!! You're doing GREAT!!! Sometimes I think our bodies need a moment to adjust to the losses that have happened. The scale will move again for you!
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The first thing I noticed about your post was the little picture that says you lost 50 pounds....WOW, you've done well so far. Hang in there - trust yourself - and know that your body is okay. Move forward and keep doing what you've been doing - because you're making progress.

There will be little bumps in the road - but nothing to panic about. You've all ready learned to make the right choices, so you can keep moving forward. You can do this, and one little bump on the scale is not going to slow you down...right?

Your body is fluctuating - that's normal. It's okay
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congrats on the 50 lbs, how awesome! do you maybe need to adjust your calories? I was told I'm not eating enough calories and I noticed when I upped them I was HUNGRY all the time! I was told that's because my metabolism was picking up. wondering if maybe you dropped a little too low on the calories and/or picked up your activity which may call for an increase in calories as well. just a thought!

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I remember my first "no loss" week. It was kind of depressing, especially knowing how hard I worked to see the exact same number on the scale. My advice is to keep on trucking, keep working it, and the scale will catch up with you! But yea, I know how bad it sucks.

Interesting you mention losing more when feeling hunger. Like Robin, I rarely feel hunger because I bulk up on lots of veggies and lean protein, BUT I do experience anxiety. I've had anxiety disorder for many years now, and back in the old days I would self medicate with carbs and alcohol. Since giving up my vices, for some strange reason the weeks I feel very anxious, or have panic issues, I usually have much bigger losses, even though my calories are consistent. I also think that for many years I had mistaken anxiety for hunger.

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Hang in there!
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Strong is the new Pretty!
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You've lost 50 pounds and it hasn't even taken you very long. I bet it took you longer to put them on. The scale isn't everything. I am sure that you are healthier this week than last. Every week that we chicks stick to our plans is one week closer to our overall HEALTH goals. Health is so much more important than weight. Just because you did not lose weight does not mean you did not lose any fat and it certainly does not mean that you did not move closer to your health goal. I bet if you think about it you probably saw some other positive changes in the last week - inches lost, a new muscle popping out, decreased cravings, increased cravings for the good stuff, improvements in your sin or hair or nails, increased skill at a certain exercise, more confidence - look for that stuff and focus on it instead. Just tell your scale it's a jerk, maybe even give it a little kick to get back at it (don't break any toes though, or the scale since you'll be needing it next week) and keep on keepin on.
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Shrinkin' Salsa :P
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I've had a couple of these - even weeks when I've gone up - and no matter how often I repeat the reasonable explanations why it's happened, there's a part of me that's disappointed. That's when I try to fall back onto the "fake it til you make it" maxim we all (including you!) repeat so often here. Don't be disappointed, and eventually you won't be anymore

Keep on chugging! That's what we're all doing. Stick to your good food and exercise, and let us know when (not if!) you drop the next few pounds so we can all celebrate together
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NEVER EVER going back
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I am completely knackered today... so sign my name to Robin's post
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Focused on the Future
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You are still doing great!! During my 50 lbs lost I have had a few weeks of no loss - it is frustrating but I just work harder the next week. I am sure next week will make up for it!
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Never want to go back!
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I have come oh so close to not losing for a week and it is sucky, but the next week was always better. Hang in there! You are doing an amazing job don't let one little weigh in break your spirit...
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