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Wink A turning point... I hope?!

Hello all,

Congrats on your weight loss since I last put in an appearance!!

Yes, I'm still here... I've not fallen off the face of the planet after all! I'm still stuck on the same old weight (thankfully no gain), and am still battling away.

I've been moaning for the past few months, that I'm still doing the same things food wise, but nothing has been happening with the scales for me. Although I do SOME exercise, I've been aware that it's nowhere near enough to make any more difference... this is where the worm finally turns (I hope!!). This weekend, I bought a swimsuit and I plan to wear it on Tuesday. This will be a HUGE, MASSIVE step for me. I don't need to tell you all the stuff I've been going through for years with regards to body image etc. A year and a half ago, I felt terribly self conscious walking through town fully clothed, never mind the thought of stripping down to a swimming costume and allowing everyone full view of all the lumps, bumps, flab, cellulite, stretch marks.... the list goes on!!!!

The reason I'm telling you all this? Well there's still time to chicken out before then, and the idea is that if I tell you all, then I also have to answer to you all if I don't go... pretty dumb maybe, but there's some kind of logic in there if you look hard enough!

Something so simple as going to the swimming baths, my weight has made it a huge ordeal. People who have never had a weight problem would have NO IDEA what I'll be going through, just to get from the changing room into the pool. I still see myself as the 260lb girl I once was, which makes it even worse.

So.... wish me luck.... and I'll be back here to report on the 'experience'. Most probably saying how stupid I am for making such a damn fuss!!!

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Default even thin women have problems with the bathing suit thing

yes, they do. you should hear my thin sister!!!! well to tell the truth, i hear her but i don't listen!!

look, karen darlin. you've lost nearly 100 pounds. you don't look the same as you did at 260. you just THINK you do. somehow, you have to get a real look at yourself.

and believe me, i DO understand. i've been so thin that my ribs were showing, and my highest weight was last summer, at 506 [while on an 800 calorie diet]. i'm down at least 210 pounds now, and i'm sitting here in a T shirt and shorts that were baggy at 500 pounds. and as far as i'm concerned, they fit just fine!!!!

things are starting to change.

so, all in all. my advice: relax and enjoy. you're going for the fun, the exercise, the relaxation. take along a nice coverup so you won't get sunburned, and it'll provide you with someway to hide a little so you won't feel so exposed and vulnerable.

you'll be fine. i promise. and no one will notice!!!!
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emerging from my cocoon
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Hello fellow Brit

I can identify with how you feel - I have been 290 and I've been 150 over the past 10 years - I'm 258 at the moment and I NEVER feel any different. I have to weigh myself to track the changes as my head just isn't wired right....I always feel like the same fat girl (yes, I know I am[U] the same fat girl at the moment!) I wasted being 150 because I had a 290 head...if you follow me.

I imagine confidence comes with practise. Enjoy - you are a terrific example!
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Fat Zappin' in Progress
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You have lost ALOT of weight.. and you have so much to be proud of. Your self image of yourself now is blured Im sure. Put on that bathing suit and take a picture of yourself, now dont start picking out your flaws .. instead grab that picture of you 100 pounds heavier and just look. You have done GREAT!!! Look at yourself!

Put on that suit and don't think about it.. go out there and have yourself a blast. Noone is going to be thinking about that fat girl but you

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I agree with Indigogirl. Confidence comes with practice. Get into that suit for a while tonight and walk around inside looking at the gorgeous you in every mirror you can find.

Tomorrow try it in the garden a bit, or on a balcony or porch or somewhere where the air hits your body (or better yet, sun). Then dazzle everyone with your smile so that's what they remember. You're looking good.

I had not worn a suit for a quite a few years until some years ago I started taking water therapy. And changing in the dressing room was not for me. I still wear my suit to the pool but shower, change before I leave and no longer think a thing of it. What I found is that there are plenty of people there who look (what? heavier, worse, ) whatever than I do. There are also people who look (what? better, slimmer) whatever.

When I was a teenager and bashful about dancing, my mother gave me some good advice and I applied it to the swimsuit thing. She told me other people are too busy being occupied with themselves to worry about me or how I looked. So I should get out and dance and enjoy myself. Guess what? I did and it worked and I loved to dance.

So you wear that suit and know that we're with you and we think you look great even if we haven't seen you. With that kind of weight loss, we know you look great.
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So happy to see you!! You have come a long way girl. You really have, and I hope your proud of yourself. You should be. Everyone here gave you great advice. And I really hope you go through with it. Don't waste anymore time sitting on the sidelines. We all do that too much. My heart aches for you. Please let us know how it goes.

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Go for it!! Hold your head up high. You have accomplished so much. You deserve it and should be proud to show it off. You'll know you've done well when you look back to see guys looking back at you.


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Trying to find my way.
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Karen I just re read our post for the 10th time and I am so proud of you. Yes you are taking a huge step. you will be amazed at how many bigger people are there that are bigger than you. at 168.5 i would be proud and strutting my stuff. well maybe not strutting but i would feel like it!! You go girl you are beautiful and deserve it. do not deny yourself the simple pleasures in life because you feel like you do not fit well in a suit. England or not if it was not proper to wear a suit out like that in Englad they would not sell it!!! so go for it girl and enjoy your self.
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Thanks all for your kind words and advice! You'll be pleased to know that yes... I did finally make it. And as I'd suspected, it was nowhere near as bad as I'd built it up to be. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that I'm actually ENJOYING it!! I'm now going to swim around 3-4 hours a week, and hopefully if I give it long enough I will start to see a difference... I'll keep you posted!

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So glad to hear all went well and you're now ENJOYING swimming again. Was wondering how it all had gone.
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