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Default Thursday's dilema

Thursday of this week, my work is having a pizza lunch. I work in a very small office...there's only 8 of us. I have no desire to eat pizza, it's not on my plan, I'm not messing things up with mediocre pizza, but really don't want to broadcast my diet either. I don't know why this is stressing me out so much but it really is. I can take a salad, figured I would take enough for everyone, but I'm still going to have to explain my diet. Ugg...I can't wait until Friday.
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Does the place offer things other than pizza on the menu that you could have ordered? That might be a good option that others may appreciate as well.

I don't think you need to explain your diet, that is really a personal thing. You could just socialize with everyone and not eat any pizza. They may not notice if it is casual and you pop in and out.
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Aw, bummer, dude... I can so relate. I hate having to explain to why I can't/won't eat certain things! I don't think I will EVER be good at conducting the whole "I'm trying to eat healthier" conversation; it always just makes me feel so awkward, and people have a way of making you feel like you're a total party pooper just because you don't want to participate in the junk-eating. I usually try to avoid explaining it, if I can--in fact, over the summer when I was just starting out, I would tell my friends that I didn't want to go out for ice cream/Taco Bell/whatever other junky thing they suggested because I was saving money for the vacation I took at the end of the summer! Hey, at least it worked and got them off my backs about it!

Is there any way you can decline the pizza without having to explicitly state your reasons? Even if it's just something as simple as saying that you had a very big breakfast and aren't very hungry (or you're planning on having a very big/special dinner and don't want to spoil your appetite)? Or just say that you have an upset stomach, or a sensitivity to the cheese on the pizza, so you'd rather not eat anything too heavy? Heck, you could even say that you just don't really like that brand of pizza because they use too much sauce/too little cheese/the crust is too thick/______. It seems like there should be plenty of ways to handle the situation without it having to be TOO awkward. Good luck, chicky!
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OK, so MY fall-back position is this:
"My Dr. has ordered me not to eat any foods that have a high fat content. like this PIZZA, because I'm having a tough time digesting them. So I brought a salad instead. Thanks for understanding."
I KNOW it isn't up front, but if you don't want to broadcast your diet, blame it on a doctor and an unspecified medical condition.
This works really really well, for me...

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"I've been having problems lately with Dairy. I need to keep away from it for now. Thanks, but I'll just stick to this salad I brought along."

There is no way on earth I would eat something just to please someone else. No way. And no one need know that you're on a mission to lose weight.
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I agree. You don't have to let everyone know. Just say you can't for any of the above reasons, smile and enjoy your salad. (It is a very nice idea to bring enough to share!) Good luck!
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What I would have said, even before going on Atkins, and it would have been true, was, "Pizza gives me HORRIBLE heartburn. There is not a slice of pizza on this earth worth the heartburn that comes with it. So I brought this delicious ______ instead, y'all enjoy."
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When it comes to bread/dough kind of things I tell people, No thankyou. It makes my ankles swell.

It does - but the look on their faces, most of them, as they try to figure it out is priceless, and no-one quite likes to ask further!
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I have an allergy to wheat, I can only have it small portions. This is both true and a good way out for me... you are welcome to borrow it! People respond well to allergies, they are worried you will either die or puff up really badly.

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You could just say you're not in the mood for pizza. True, they may coax a bit, but surely as an adult you're allowed to turn down fast food.

I hate that weird social obligation to eat crap every time it's put in front you or have to go through an awkward explanation. Seriously, just saying you don't want the freaking food (in a much more polite way) should be acceptable!
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No thanks, its too heavy on my stomach right now...
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"My dog was run over by a pizza delivery truck. Ever sinc'e then I cant look at it without screaming and running the other direction???
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@ seashell's suggestion!

Lets see if it were me...I guess I would be honest. "I'll think I'll pass on the pizza. I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible these days and pizza definitely doesn't fit into that category."---You say nothing about a diet but tell the truth at the same time. It's a win/win situation.
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"yah I would eat that, but I don't want to" LOL I never understood - fat or getting slimmer - the mentality of eating to please OTHER people??? I just assumed, that since I could give a frack what other people eat, why would anyone care what i shove in my melon?I mean, sure no one wants to hurt someone's feelings who MADE a nice meal but store-bought pizza, who cares? I can understand not wanting to broadcast the diet thing, but c'mon there's a million little white lies to tell. I don't like pizza. I don't like THAT brand of pizza. I can't afford to eat out right now. If I don't eat the XYZ I brought, I'll have to throw it out. I had pizza for dinner last night, don't want it for lunch today. There's a jillion of 'em that excuse you and won't make you yell out i'm on a diet folks! You don't want to be a pushover type who does anything because the cool kids are doing it! you wouldn't smoke just because they are, so don't eat just because they are right?
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I have used "I can't eat Fill in the blank as it does not agree with me. Believe me, you don't want the details" This said with a smile on your face, deflects most comments. If the person persists, tell them it gives you bad gas!

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