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Default Easter Dinner!

I don't know about you, but I am nervous about Easter dinner. I'm going to my mom's house which means bowls of M and M's on every table, every pre-dinner snack known to man and a dinner that rivals the local all you can eat buffet. 4 different types of dessert . . . I have already started prepping myself that just about the only thing that will be there that I can eat is the ham. (Im doing low carb) I know the fight that will ensue. Eat! Whats wrong with you? I made all this food . . . she knows about my diet and will still be offended if I don't eat like a horse or worse yet, If I bring low carb food to add to the table. Im thinking I might fake a stomach ache just to keep the peace!!!! LOL

I know there will be so many temptations. I already feel cheated. So what do you do to get through family "food" holidays? I'm going to eat before I go, but still, piles and piles of colored m and m's? Where do you find your willpower in situations likethis?
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Stomach ache is a very good idea if she won't accept you declining. You could even take a heap of leftovers and drop them at your local fire department.

Seashell, I know you will ignore the M n M's because you know they just aren't worth hundreds or thousands of calories. They could also encourage you to eat even more stuff you will later regret.

Good for you to planning your strategy NOW. Good for you to eat before you go and to be thinking of a dish/dishes to take to the table so that you can have something too.

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I am nervous too! I am not doing low carb, I am counting calories but there are sure to be tons of calorie laden foods there today (we're doing dinner today instead of Sunday). I just made a plan on fitday and I am going to stick with it, darn it!!! We can do it!!
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I am bringing a huge veggie platter, I know there will be turkey (yay for healthy breast meat!!!) and there will be at least one naked salad. Those things alone will get me through. I will plan before hand and ONLY consume what I've planned. I'm not going to lie... I find family dinners really hard. But I do them... cause one dinner is not worth it to me.
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I agree.Its not worth feeling horrible after.For me, one bad meal leads to a binge.So I have to be very mindful of every single thing I put in my mouth.I also count calories so I can truly eat anything.But I have also planned the menu in advance with my mom.I have volunteered to bring healthy dishes.It makes it easier to be sure you can eat alone with all others.Plus weather is nice so I can always excuse myself and go for a walk.
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harrismm: the walk thing... me too. I'm going to take Bella and that way I can spend like 15 minutes of every hour outside
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Meh - sorry - I just clicked on this in the 'New posts' link and didn't realise it was in the 100 lb club section. I shall quietly retire.

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Planning really is key! I just spent my spring break with relatives and we went out to eat every day. I planned every meal before hand and only ate what I planned. And I drank tons of water. All that planning paid off and I actually lost weight during my "vacation." And don't feel bad about bringing your own food! I brought my own dressing to a restaurant and was glad I did. And get in your exercise before the gathering if you can.

You can do this! Good luck!
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Luckily I am just making a low-key holiday dinner for a few people at my house, but I can relate because I am frankly, somewhat scared of social dining.

But I did great visiting my parents and extended family over Christmas, and surprisingly, I continually draw strength from that. That I stayed within my intended calories on both Thanksgiving and Christmas has turned out to be a lasting legacy for me in that I've since thought, 'If didn't do it then -- I sure won't do it now.' (Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.)

Just do what you have to do and if that means taking food off your plate when someone else has put it on, you do that. The willpower part shouldn't actually be too hard because you can remind yourself that the foods you see are readily available for you to buy or prepare. You won't eat them because they're there. You'll see the m&m's (or whatever else) on Sunday, sure, but you can always plan for and purchase a small convenient-store pack in a few weeks if you still want them.

I told myself that on Christmas. I don't think I'd ever had Christmas without a slice of my mom's apple pie before. But with the dinner and my glass of red wine there was no room for even a 300 calorie sliver. You know what, though? I make her apple pie a few times a year as well. Christmas dinner wasn't my last meal; it's a long life. In fact, I am making it later this week for a birthday and plan to have a sliver (albeit a skimpy fruit lunch!) that day.

If you stay strong through a big holiday meal, it's amazing because it's not just a lack of messing up that particular day. It's the lasting legacy for your self-confidance.
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I'm doing calorie counting so Easter won't destroy a specific plan. I've been planning all week for a plate (ONE) of my mom's spectacular Turkey Dinner! I budgeted for it, and with my "spendable calories" I can live without the appetizers and the candy and bunnies, but a nice sized plate of mom's yummy dinner is definitely something I'm looking forward to and will enjoy! And already made a deal that the leftovers except for the plain white turkey meat, will stay with her and dad!
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No easter dinner here but I just got back from visiting my family for over a week. Normally, visiting my family for a week would result in me gaining 10 lbs or more because I'd eat stuff that I normally don't eat.

This time was different though in that I did eat a few treats but in moderation and I continued my exercise regimen. I came back weighing what I weighed when I left which truly was a victory.
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I managed to continue to lose through Christmas and New Years. Woo Hoo. But I have not been doing very well at controlling my cravings the past few months and I am a tad nervous about Easter dinner. The past week has been better than the past few months, but still. The only comfort I take is that I am cooking the meal so I know what is in everything. Like there won't be a half a pound of butter in the mashed potatoes like my mother used to make them....lol
I have budgeted some extra calories for Sunday's dinner. I will skip the appies and dessert and stick to what I know worked at Christmas!
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You've gotten some great advice here A well thought out plan of action will do wonders for you on Easter *hugs*

We are doing a crawfish boil so while everything that comes out of the pot won't be fatty...it will be full of salt so I'm going to pace myself

Usually when we do these we have desserts, etc but everyone mainly just has eyes for those little mudbugs....oh and the spicy, make you want to breathe fire, mushrooms!
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I am taking the easy way out this year and just staying home. My family has a huge all weekend family event every year at Easter. Everything revolves around eating. I told my mother that being around all of that food/temptation would just be too risky for me this year. She understands and was very supportive of my decision.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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WOW does someone up there REALLY want me on plan today!!! Got to Mom's and heard the disastrous news that the oven is broken so no turkey dinner!!! we're having grilled sirloin steak, and grilled veg LOL ahhh the best laid plans

Hoppy Easter Girls (and boys!)
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