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yay! summertime!
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Default How do you exercise?

I have been very interested to read all the different ways folks on the 100+ Board find to move their bodies. Does it seem to you like most exercise fits into one of three categories: strength, cardio, and flexibility? (Obviously some kinds of work-outs incorporate more than one of those categories). I personally think of core strength training (this explains that as different than standard strength training.

I am currently only walking ---- I don't even stretch before or after! How do you move your body? Are you sampling from all three different menus? What keeps you going?

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I walk/jog 30-45 minutes 5 days a week. I need to add some strength training. I do the treadmill on a 9% incline and this has really strengthened my leg muscles. I can step up on a chair without grabbing on to anything to help myself up now. I just discovered this the other day and made hubby come and look. I do a lot of lifting at work. I work in a bakery and lift 50 pound boxes and bags all the time.
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Great thread idea! First off I LOVE to exercise!!! I was a swimmer as a teen and I was in the Army for 4 years (I ran all the time). I am so happy to be working out again and I feel great! I started out walking and then after a month on plan I joined a gym.

This is my current routine. I just started training for a 10K so the mileage increases every week and there is some speed work built in too. Im using a plan I got from

S Rest
M hr w/ trainer lifting weights, 30-60 min cardio (walk on an incline, elliptical, or stair stepper)
T Yoga 1hr & Run (10k training)
W- Spin Class 1hr & 30 min core workout
Th - hr w/ trainer lifting weights & Run (10k training)
F Rest
S Long Run (10k training)

Id like to lift weights one more day per week but I cant fit it in right now. Ill change my schedule in June since my 10k race is May 31st.

What keeps me going? Easy the changes in my body! Im stronger, I have more endurance, I dont run out of breath going up stairs, everyday I notice new muscles, etc. Im addicted!
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I enjoy the Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos... I also like doing the aerobics/ strength training/ and Yoga on our family's WII Fit. Once the snow finally melts away again I will resume walking and biking.
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My plan is a little intense, but really works for me:

M - 80-100 min cardio (usually on my elliptical, or 40 min elliptical with a 40 min exercise video...I like TaeBo and the Biggest Loser cardio)
T - 60 min cardio, 60 min circuit strength training (this is intense...cardio intervals mixed with hardcore lifting...I'll paste the current routine below, I do a new routine every 2 weeks)
W - 60 min Yoga Booty Ballet in the morning, 55 min elliptical
Th - 80-100 min cardio
F - 60 min cardio, 60 min circuit strength

On weekends, I work on getting -something- in, but it isn't as regimented...walking somewhere, or riding my bike to run an errand, or even just hardcore cleaning. Usually that's one day a week and the other day is rest.

This is my current circuit:
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I bike (recumbent stationary) 30 minutes, 6 days a week.
I strength train at home with free weights, 2-3 days a week.
I try to get in a 10-20 minute walk outside daily.
I try to MOVE my butt, do yardwork, put a little effort into my daily activities, park far from the store, etc.
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Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
My plan is a little intense
OMG you are hardcore !!! I thought I was a little nuts but you win LOL
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I do a version of kickboxing 3 times a week (M, W, Sat-45 min/class) and that can vary. Mondays is usually legs, Wednesday is a lot of upper body, but they mix it up and Saturday is always a mix.

I also do Yoga (60-75 min/class) every other day, which I love. I can not believe the improvements I am seeing in flexibility and strength.

I also am out and about with my dog as she is a very active lab.

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I work out 6-7 days a week now. 3 days, I do 30 mins of either upper body, core, lower body, flexibility, etc, and 2 days I do 15 mins of that plus 20 mins on the elliptical. Then on the two days I'm not doing that, I'm ellitpicalling for 20 mins and some days I double up and exercise and do somethign active like roller skate.
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I do an hour of cardio four days a week. I try to mix up the time on a stationary bike, an elliptical & a rowing machine. One day a week, I do a yoga class instead -- that's my rest day. On weekends, I do a yoga class & an hour of cardio on Saturday, and a swim class & about 45 minutes of cardio on Sunday. I also try to handle my dumbbells at least three sessions a week.

I know I need more strength training. I just tried to get into a weight class through local adult ed, but it sold out the day it was offered & they couldn't get the trainer to run a second ession.

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i hated working out... i think if i tried to do it with no structure even now that i would be lazy. so i've been doing the 30days shred. i do that most days and i do something else 2 or 3x a week... yoga, walking, other workout vids on demand... i just MOVE
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I lift weights for about an hour a day 5-6x per week with 15-20 minutes of cardio intervals afterward. On weekends I do something family orientated and physical like walks, riding bikes or swimming. If the family isn't up for it I ride my bike solo or head to the gym for an hour of cardio. So 7 days a week of something. It averages out to 90 minutes or so per day. Some body parts require more time, some less.

I also try to avoid using my car when possible, either walking or biking. If my boys occasionally don't walk the dogs I do that too.

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I walk. Being sedentary comes naturally to me. I work on the computer all day and have a 40 minute commute each way. I make sure that I take a break twice a day and walk for 10 to 15 minutes.

At home I am using Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds video. She has different length segments and I aim at 30 minutes a day. She incorporates some strengthen building with them. I just got her firming video because I want to learn how to correctly do some additional firming exercises. Then I plan to be able to do them while watching tv.

Thanks for the exercise link. They have some videos on how to use a fitness ball. I am going to check them out!
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5x per week walk 45 mins on steep, hilly roads at lunchtime at work.

3x per week 15-30 mins strength training, doing the NROLW program at home in the evenings right now.

2x per week on weekends 45-60 mins of biking around my hometown, on streets and creek paths.

3 to 4 hours per day each workday I stand at my desk rather than sitting; I wear headphones to listen to music and dance a little while I work. It's not cardio exercise, but it burns extra calories.

I also do 1 to 2 hours of around-the-house stuff per day. More extra calories burned.

5 to 7x per week, vigorous sex with my husband for 30 to 60 mins.

So that's about 400-450 minutes of real "exercise" per week (about 60 mins per day), and another 30 hours (4 hours per day) of extra calorie-burning activity.
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Originally Posted by WarMaiden View Post
5 to 7x per week, vigorous sex with my husband for 30 to 60 mins.

NOW that's my kinda exercise!!! If only I could get my b/f to jump onboard! LMAO!!!

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