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I wore that inspiration pair of kahki's to work this week. The ones that have been hanging in my closet taunting me for the last 6 years!!!!
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My friend is getting married next weekend, so I went to Kohl's earlier today to see if they had a dress that I could wear for it. I don't necessarily need another dress, since I do have one that I bought at Kohl's a couple months ago that still fits fine, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to look.

So, I didn't really find a dress, but ended up buying 1 pair of black dress pants (a size 16!!! YAY!!), a pair of jean (size 18) and two XL shirts. I didn't even have to go anywhere near the Women's section, which was nice!!
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Another food-related NSV today... I went to lunch at my school cafeteria for the first time this year (and the first time since starting my weight loss) and I ate very well! Even with the mac n' cheese and garlicky mashed potatoes, etc staring me in the face, I chose to have some steamed veggies and some spinachy rice stuff instead! And a big cup of water (NOT soda, like I frequently got last year...)! I felt pretty good about that.
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I loved reading through all inspirational!
I've been stuck on hte scale for two weeks, but I am dropping inches (woot).

I refinish furniture purely as a hobby, and yesterday I was able to sand down and entire bookcase - and no muscle ache! Normally, I'd have to take breaks, massage my poor arm muscles...looks like those strength sessions are finally paying off!
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At work today, one of the managers came up to me and told me that I had inspired her so much with my weight loss that she joined WW last Monday! I was so happy that my healthy lifestyle changes influenced someone else!

And then, since we work in the mall, I promptly gave her the run down on what places in the food court were WW-friendly, haha (basically just Subway, lol).
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I went to a discount clothing store today and saw a super cute denim skirt that was size 11/12. Since it was only 4 dollars I bought it, thinking it would fit someday.

I brought it home and today was the day!

Imagine my shock... 11/12! Me!

Not tight at all, absolutely NO MUFFIN TOP!!! At the beginning of this year my 22's were tight! I had no idea I could wear an 11/12! And the size 14 jeans I bought as well today did not fit - too big!! Yeah! Here's to wasting money!

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I wore my capri's out last night and they nearly fell off! I need smaller clothes!!!
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Yesterday another coworker told me she thought I looked great, and like I felt great, and that she could tell I'd lost weight.

And for the last several days my husband and I have been experimenting with sexual positions we haven't been able to do for YEARS. (He's lost 30 pounds too, so between us, we've lost the equivalent of smaller grade-school kid off our bodies! No wonder we're more able to be, uh, acrobatic!)

And my jeans are beginning to do this really annoying droopy thing where they ride down at the waist because they are getting too big.
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