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Default The Y's pool

So I went swimming yesterday with a child I nanny for, he wanted to spend alone time with me and what better way then the Y? I was able to put his younger brother in the daycare and off we went. I had a really nice time in the pool, I treaded water for thirty minutes while my boy was playing. It was really good workout because my lower back has been hurting since I uped my workout on the treadmill and bike this week. The only downside was there was poop in the pool I didn't realize this until later when I happened to look down and see it. Needless to say I got my kid and left. It the haste of getting us together and trying to get my two year old together and calmly out of the building it slipped my mind to report the poo. When there mom got home the kid remembered and told his mom, she called and they yelled at us. They said my kid should have reported it....hello he's 6. They then made this big fuss like it was our fault. I guess I'm not going back there....and it's a shame because I had planned to start the aquacise class next week. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, a few weeks ago the family went into the warm water pool and ended up catching something from it. Does anyone do swimming at the Y? I hope that this isn't a common thing!

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I swim at our Y pool, and haven't experienced anything like this. I did once at an outdoor public pool. Most pools I've been associated with are very good about health regulations and keeping the pool safe. I would imagine at the Y they are very good about it. Generally, they clear and close the pool in the event of vomit or feces or other such things and clean and treat the water. There is so much chlorine in that water I don't think you all were in any danger unless you came into direct contact with it, although it's not a pleasant thought to be in a pool with poo! And I wouldn't be concerned about going back there - I'm sure they have addressed the problem, but you could call and ask if you are worried about it. I'm not sure what your employer is angry about - you weren't responsible for the poo and you got the kid(s) out when you noticed it. I would have reported it so they could get the other people out of the pool, but I'm sure somebody else noticed it and reported it eventually. What did they catch from the warm water pool? My kids and I spend a lot of time in pools and we have never caught anything from a pool except for swimmer's ear. I was confused by your post though, were you alone with your nanny kid, or did you have another 6YO with you that was your child? Not that it matters...
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I will be going to the Y at 7:30 in the morning 4 my water exercise class. I enjoy the water classes better than any other exercises I can think of . I hope you don't give up , it is so good 4 you and so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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I never had anything like that happen at our y .
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Some people just won't put pool pants on their kids, and this is what happens. They're supposed to, but they won't. If you see kids in the pool who are supposed to be wearing pool pants but aren't, report them!

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Seems like your employers went a little wacky on you! Stuff happens. There was nothing you could have done. Just be sure to let the Y know what happened. Specifically the person(s) in charge of the pool. That way you'll be sure they get the message. They also need to encourage the parents to use Little Swimmers to prevent contamination.

Hopefully you'll still be able to take advantage of the swim aerobics classes there.
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