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Default Fourth of July Menu/Plans?

Whatcha guys doing for the 4th? Staying on plan? Special menu? Splurge?

We are BBQing at home. I am making:
burgers for the family, low fat hot dogs in case I want one, and a veggie burger for me.
low fat macaroni salad (homemade)
potato chips (big splurge for the kids, they about died when I asked if they would like a bag of chips for the 4th. Their jaws dropped. Amazing how much they appreciate the little things now. LOL. I will have a small handful.
grilled veggies (squash, onions, red peppers)
fresh watermelon
lemonade for kids, diet root beer for me
and a fresh strawberry cake (one piece)
homemade vanilla ice cream (made with milk, not cream)

Then we will go watch fireworks!
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My sister and BIL are in the process of adopting two kids from Vietnam (they'll be here this summer!) and there's a big picnic for all the local families of Vietnamese adoptees on the 4th. My sister really wants me to go, so I am going to tag along and keep my nephew (from my BIL's first marriage) entertained. I think we'll be grilling kebabs, possibly, and I'm trying to come up with a healthy side dish to bring for the sharing table. Bread salad, maybe? I've got a gorgeous basil plant in my back yard and the local tomatoes are perfect right now. Or I might make a watermelon salad; I saw the recipe in Martha Stewart Living and if I can find the right cheese I'll give it a try.

There will be lots of high carb, tempting sides and sweets, but I will just stay away from the food tables. I'll probably have a beer or two, but I'm really going to try my hardest not to eat junk and just enjoy hanging out with my family. I've struggled so much to lose anything lately that I don't want to take any chances.
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I am going to be in party ****! I have 4 partys in 3 days. Any one have any tips for staying on plan?

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Eating for two!
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We're going to other people's houses instead of doing the cooking, so I have less control over the available options, but I will bring deviled eggs since they are delicious and low carb, so I know there will be SOMEthing I can have!
Originally Posted by Sandi View Post
I am going to be in party ****! I have 4 partys in 3 days. Any one have any tips for staying on plan?
Just the usuals--eat before you go so you're not starving, stick by the fruit/veggie platter, take 1 plate a put small amounts of anything you want on it and don't go back for seconds, and focus on visiting with people rather than focusing on the food And keep drinking lots of water! Not sure about where you are, but it's supposed to be in the mid 90s here tomorrow.
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July Fourth is my mom's birthday - it's her 85th and we are having a big party. My sister is flying in tonight from Paris.(so exciting!) Other's will be at my home thru Monday (son, DIL, grandson (from Michigan), SIL, niece (from Cleveland)). The party is Friday. I am looking forward to being with everyone.

Party - mainated chicken on the grill, sweet and sour cucumber and onions made with splenda, brocilli salad, brown rice, strawberries, french bread and another side dish that my cousin is bringing. Of course, choc. cake and ice cream.

I have lots of healthy things in the house and a few things I don't ususally keep around often. I am planning to try and do well.

I might not be able to get to 3fc as often as usual. I'll try to check in.

Have a great weekend.
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Tonight we're going to the fairgrounds to see the fireworks. That means taking a picnic along and sitting on the grass. Menu will be:

Salmon-salad sandwiches on whole-wheat bread (for DH and the kids)
Soda (for the kids, major huge treat for them)
Apples (for the kids and DH)

Egg salad made with a little olive oil, mustard, lemon juice, pepper, artichoke hearts, green pepper (for me)
Whole-grain crackers (for me)
Baby carrots and cut-up broccoli (for me, no one else will eat them though they could if they wanted )
Water (for me and DH)

Tomorrow night we'll make homemade pizza with whole-wheat crust, tomato sauce, chicken, peppers, and cheese. Except I think I'm going to make it and then make a side thing without the crust for myself--I just can't handle eating all those grains, and last time we had it I couldn't control myself with the pizza. BUT I will probably also make sugarfree chocolate-chip cookies for a treat, and I'll have a couple of those. (It's easier to see what a suitable portion is with a cookie.)

Saturday night I think we'll grill hot dogs, I'll make a sugarfree veggie relish that my husband loves. Probably have a green salad to go along with it.
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Well, I live in Canada, so no 4th of July for me! But we did have Canada day earlier this week. I went to a BBQ, and I brought chicken kabobs instead of their extremely high fat burgers (they always have the same ones, SO bad for you!), and someone brought a green salad, with low fat dressing, it was great! And then for desert someone brought mini cupcakes, and low fat cake. So I really lucked out. But there was also some really high fat stuff, potato with bacon and mayo salad... eek, I stayed FAR away from that!

Good luck to you all! And happy 4th of July!!

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