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Default My progress pics :)

I have tons of ones that I have taken at various weights in my past endeavors. I just have to find them on CD somewhere. I know at my highest known was 317 just before I got PG with William in 2003. I was up to about 315 after having Nate (Aug. 06).
Here are just some pics I've found at me at various weights, ending with today's pics of me at 253. I'll do a chronology of what I've got so far. As soon as I get below 250, I'm gonna wear my new red dress to work and I'll take pics in it.

January 2006—287

Of course right after we took these I found out I was PG with Nate. I did well for about 10 weeks afterward eating healthy and doing some exercise. I couldn't balance the mental counting calories with trying to make sure I ate enough so I quit counting.

November 2006—290

I gained up to 315 with Nate was 305 after being released from the hospital. I lost down to 270 but couldn't stop eating and was back up to 290. Scout from Survivor came into town before she moved out of Oklahoma and we (my coworkers and I being the big survivor fans we are) ambushed their lunch at a local restaurant to do and interview for the newspaper. She even stopped by the office to pose for pics with us. And here I thought my arm would cover up some of that fat.

At 303
Feb. 07
—at a banquet for work. I've already chugged down a couple of mixed drinks. I remember barely being able to squeeze into this shirt and skirt. Size 26-28w. Note to self: DO NOT GO HAVE SOMEONE NEW CUT YOUR HAIR JUST BEFORE A BANQUET. You will get butchered bangs.

Apr. 07—My attempts at trying to be healthy and involving the whole family. We would walk from the house down a road next to us and back. I'm wearing the baby. I could've shot Jeff for taking this backside pic of me

June 2007—301

Can you tell my loving hubby took this pic of my wide load. This is the first time I borrowed the Canon 20D camera from work. He loved the telephoto lens. I'm showing this picture because these shorts I wore in June of last year can now slide off me without unbuttoning them

November 2007-297.8

Just after I had started my first BL challenge. It's clipped from the family portrait. I'm actually down 10 pounds here. I did gain 5 more pounds by the end of this challenge. It was the holidays and I'm just impressed I stuck with it and only gained the 5.

January 2008—302.6
No pic. I started the BL challenge again. I waited until Jan. 16 to take my measurements.
Here is the chart thus far.

I'm having a horrible time measuring my hips. That's why they are up and down. I think I may have my SIL tattoo me a couple of small marks on my legs so I have points marked to get to each time. J/K.
So in 3 months I've lost
Bust: 3 inches
Chest: 3.5 (can we say new bra size finally )
Waist: 6.75
Hips: 6 but that's negotiable. I had to guestimate the 63 in the beginning cuz my tape measure only goes up to 60.
Thighs: about 2 inches
Calves: 1.25 inches
Ankles .5 inches
Arms: 1 inch on right 1.5 on left

this is my brag for the day.

Oh and I couldn't forget my current pics of me at 253.6 From the front, side and back
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Great job!
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Fantastic progress! And what a difference in all those pictures ^^
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Wow! I really love the photo "journey" you have. And those last pics at 253 REALLY show a difference. You have changed so much! Amazing job. Thanks for sharing those, they are encouraging!
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GREAT JOB!!! What a difference in the way you look! Why must husbands take shots of the backside??

Congratulations on your success and thanks for posting the pictures.
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I know you have been working hard and the results are so fabulous!! Congratulations!! You are a knockout at any weight, but I am so proud of your exercising and 5Ks!! Your work is showing!

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You are an inspiration!! Keep up the great work!! and I have a few flattering or well i call them fattering pics my bf took from my backside too but these are the pics that made me say "oh my gosh! I have got to do something about this weight problem!!"
What a difference in your pics!! Great job!!
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Awesome pics!! You can really tell such a difference!!

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You are doing such an amazing job -- I, unfortunately, delete every picture off the camera that I'm in because of my size -- maybe I should start saving a few for "future reference"!!!
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You look great!!! I love the green shirt...the color is very nice on you!

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your current pics look wonderful!! such great progress you have so much to be proud of
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Oh wow! Love the new photos- fabulous!
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WOW!! What an inspiration!! Great job- you look fantastic!! Way to go!
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WOW!!!! You look so amazing!!!!!
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Wow!! You are doing fantastically well and look wonderful. Good job!
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