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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Default SHOE Math!

So I was feeling mildly guilty about my new-found shoe fettish, until I ran the numbers LOL

Here's what I've saved the past year by NOT EATING CRAP (not to mention saving my LIFE and all )

$3 week for diet pepsi (that's 4 2-litre bottles a week)
$3 week for 2 bags chips (that's being modest)
$ 4 week for big chocolate bar (also being modest)
$20 week for mcdonald’s (4 times a week, $5 a pop)
$10 week for dairy queen (4 times a week, $2.50 a pop)

These are the basics, no counting the fast food throughout the week, going for dinner etc. I figure I still go out for dinner (better choices of course) so I won’t count that. This was just the EXTRA crap that I don’t eat any longer, but at the time didn't think I could live without! ugh!

I’m buying a few more fruits and veg now than before, but not much ( I always liked them) so the grocery bills have remained about the same. Swapping out some bad stuff for healthier stuff etc.

So, 40$ a week, X 52 weeks = a whopping $2,080 in a year alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do you think YOU'VE saved this past year????
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Great thread, Trazey!

I also have developed quite the shoe fetish... along with a new love for clothes shopping now that I can go to more than 2 stores to find clothes that fit.

So, these are the items I no longer spend my shoe money on:

$4 week on Ben & Jerry's (1 pint on Friday nights)
$30 week on pizza delivery (2 larges on Friday nights)
$4 week on McDonalds (at least once a week for dinner)
$3 week on bakery brownies (2 iced brownies for the weekend)

Okay, so that's $41 a week and doesn't even include all of the various junk that I would eat a few times a month (candy/popcorn at the movies - I bring 1 funsize pack of M&Ms with me now, out to dinner - I rarely eat out now).

In a year, I should save more than $2,132 which is a good thing since I just dropped $95 on a pair of Ben Shermans this past Saturday.

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