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Red face Thought process and the difference it is making

I am sitting here with a smile on my face because I just got off the scale and it was a another poound.....granted I know since it is only the first couple of days there will be a significant loss.

I feel motivated and inspired....more than I have in years....and it has to do with the fact I am truly trying to take it one day at a time and just looking at much smaller goals than the 102 pounds I need/want to lose. I have lost 5 pounds since the weekend.

I keep looking towards the 10% goal and going through what I guess you would call decades? 250, 240 ,230 etc. etc.

I had a rough night last night but I made it through without a mess up. It was my fault for not eating more earlier in the day but I know what to do today.

I am believing smaller goals are the key for me and weighing in frequently.

I really want to be 240 when I get on the plane on June 18th.....thats 22 more pounds...and it will make me 10% thinner and out of the 260's and the 250's. Sounds good to me.

What do you think about small goals?

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I love the idea of small goals! It's easier to lose 10% and the rewards come sooner. I'm not that keen on delayed gratification.

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Small goals are so important.. when I started at 325 I couldnt fathom how far I had to go. I didnt even let the #'s under 250 come into my head because it was just too much. Having attainable goals have really helped me succeed. Rhona's right - delayed gratification doesnt work so well with weight loss in my experience (the sweater I told myself I'd buy at 200 lbs.. I bought at 250). Rewards are good too!
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What is funny is I think I am the total opposite. I have "dabbled" in "dieting" off and on for like ever and 3 I have always set smaller goals and said when I hit this one, that will be my next. I would hit a goal and before I could get even halfway to the next one I was done for!

This time I said that's it, I have to become half of the person I am now (anyone know anyone looking for an extra person, cuz I'm about to lose one!). My only real goals I have set along the way so far are my daily calorie goals. I have thought about a staying on track each week goal, but haven't implimented anything there. I have thought about setting up 10% goals for myself, but then I keep thinking, "Heck how long does it take to lose 10% anyway?".

I'm so impressed with all of you who are making these goals... I'm taking notes and lessons and hope to find one that works just right for me! Good job everyone!
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I am 'just' getting into the whole "small goals" thing and it's taking a while to adjust my thinking.... but I think it will work. I just need to stop sabotaging myself... *sigh*

GOOD LUCK and nice to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Changing how we think is crucial to the whole experience of changing how we live. For me, small goals aren't that important, but celebrating small victories are. That's why I'm such a frequent poster in the NSV thread - I need to keep reminding myself that I'm being sucessful and good things are happening.

One thing I've noticed is how important it is for me to actually imagine myself after having reached the big goal. I have daydreams about being able to tell people that I lost 100 pounds. I imagine going into a store and buying things in the regular section. I need to dream big because it pushes me to realize those dreams. I need to imagine myself as having been successful so that I want it even more.

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I am all for small goals! For me, it helps me stay focused, rather than get overwhelmed.
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Good for you! I am all about the decades, too. Breaking the overall amount into more manageable chunks really makes it easier.
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I use to do the "big goal" and never have small goals and I just got overwhelmed with the "I need to lose 100 pounds" Now I just do small ones and give myself a little treat I don't even put a ticker with he end result of 135 pounds just saying it makes me cry. So I stick to a small goal of onederland then an even smaller goal that can be acheived by certain dates and it has made the world of difference in my life change. But everyone is different, I just needed to find what worked for me
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I broke my weight loss down into small incrememnts, 10 lbs at a time. I felt that breaking it down was a much easier concept for me. It wasn't anywhere near as intimidating as the "BIG" number, and it was indeed a "BIG" number. It gave me something "close by" to shoot for and gave me reason to celebrate much quicker. In the beginning, I also set up rewards for every goal met. With the first 10 lbs lost, I bought myself a new pocket book. The second 10lbs was a pair of slippers. It made things more interesting and more fun.
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That is great Darlene. Finding something that you can live with and learn from is key. I too have tried the big picture and small goals and neither really worked for me in the past. Now I live for the day. If I'm in a smaller size, I may treat myself to a new shirt or pants just because. I know this is for the rest of my life so I'm not worried about if/when I reach goals but that I eat healthy, exercise and in the process lose a few (over 100) pounds.

Keep it up and you'll be at your mini goals in no time.
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I think small goals are great. It's been really helpful for me so far. I do what Robin does and buy something for every ten pounds lost. It's always something small like a magazine or a pair of socks, but it's still a treat.

When ten pounds gets overwhelming, I go for mini goals of just five pounds.

Congratulations to you on your loss! You're doing great.
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I think smaller goals whether that be lbs off or time a good thing!

Think about our jobs.....whether you work in the home or outside your don't look at the end of the year and say ok I need to be HERE by then........and then HOPE you attain it.......nope we say this is where I want to be by the end of the year and let me come up with small steps to achieve that....

in my classroom I want to make a difference in the kids lives I want them to obtain a new learning technique each year....(I'm in special ed) order to do that I have to plan monthly, weekly, daily and yes even sometimes hourly goals for the kids to achieve that end of year goal.....if we meet those smaller much shorter timeframe goals then the end of the year goal will fall into alignment!

That is my plan of attack for my "LIVE-IT" (I am going to start using that term instead of "Diet" because although my old weighted self is dieing....I am learning to LIVE a new way.....ok LOL so the plan is to live each moment in that moment as far as my healthier eating habits are concerned! If I want to eat off plan (ie: something that isn't the best choice) then I weight my thinking about that I really truly want to eat it or is it just self gratification in one way or another? If it is that I am just wanting to eat it because I want to taste that particular thing..........then I have a smaller portion or ONE serving LOL my old self would of never eaten just one serving of say M&M's ......let alone even look at that little package I purchased from the vending machine to see that it actually holds 2.5 servings inside it!!!! LOL Now I usually take a few pieces of something like that and that is enough to satisfy my craving for it.....rather than woof down the whole thing!

If I was not following smaller goals I don't think I would be able to do this.......if I was waiting till the year 2010 (my ending goal date) to lose all my weight I wouldn't make it.........Now I can say do I really want to eat this or do I want to make my goal for my Bday? or Mother's day one perspective on our choices I think!
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