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Default Excersizing is SOOOO hard!! :(

that is probably why I don't like to do it. I force myself to walk at least 1.5 miles at least 4 days a week, takes roughly 30 min's. By the time I am done I can barely walk straight and my legs feel like jello. I keep saying to myself it will get easier. When I tell some ppl about how rough it is on my legs and how sore they are they look at me like I'm kinda crazy, almost to say you are only walking at 3 miles a hour for a half hour, it's not that hard. I want to say back to them you add 100 lbs around your waist, thighs and butt and lets see how fast you go...

sorry for the vent, just got back from working out and i'm really tired and sore, but it's a good kind of sore.
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Yes, it is a good kind of sore. And, yes it will get easier. And yes, you CAN do this! You WILL do this, You ARE doing this, and you should be so PROUD of yourself! Hang in there!

One of my turning points was after a fall, I bruised my knee and for months I had a hard time walking. When we visited our children in Oakland, I had a terrible time walking a mile up and down those hills. I vowed that the next visit (next month) would be a different story. I have been walking and exercising since June, and now, 5 miles with "Leslie" is fun. Walking our tallest hill in town can be done at a fast clip (before I had to rest after two blocks). Slowly, steadily, I have made progress. I can't wait to go see the kids and "show off".

However, you want to try to find something you enjoy. What about other forms of exercise? If you are going to do this for the "long haul" you want to have as much fun as possible. I love dance videos, yoga and weightlifting. What else have you tried?

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Born.. Great job on walking! You are making efforts on doing at your own pace and don't mind of what other people say. I am proud of you on your walking. You are doing good! Keep up the great work!
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Good for you for keeping it up!!! It will get easier, I promise. I was 250 when I first started walking, and like you it SUCKED!! At the time, I was having severe back spams and walking really hurt.
I force myself to walk 20 minutes twice a day (that's 4 km... not sure what the km/mile conversion is but it's 14 city blocks) at a very brisk walk. But it's on a flat plane... there are no hills at all.

I did a 20 minute walk today about 5 minutes of it up hill, and I thought I was going to keel over LOL.

What really helped me is to drink a LOT of water. When you keep your muscles hydrated, it can really help.

I also listen to music on my mp3 player. Music really helps you forget about the pain, and some music will really motivate you to walk faster without you noticing it
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I know what you mean! Today I was lifting some weights, and I put together enough of them to constitute how much weight I've lost so far (about 26lbs, the weights were an even number) and I was trying to carry them around and it was HARD. I was shocked that that's how much weight I've lost. I went over to the scale, stepped on it, and sure enough, the scale showed my starting weight. It's a surreal experience, for sure.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I hear ya! I kind of want to punch people in the face who say "oh i ran 12 miles this morning but i have to go to the gym tonight for some real exercise" heehheheeh
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When I first started, I couldn't walk for 4 minutes straight on my treadmill!! And now I can run for over an hour! Treadmill walking is easier, but I barely managed a half of a mile when I started outside (when I lost some weight and felt a little less embarrassed ). I can tell you, the 4 minute stretches didn't last a long time at all. I can't remember how long it took, but I know it was a short amount of time before I could walk longer and faster. Wait until your muscles get stronger and you get the tingly, pulsing, GOOD feeling in your legs. It's awesome!! Good luck!!
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When I was at my highest weight, exercise started to become very difficult. My calves and ankles would seize up, and hurt like [email protected] That was one of the factors that contributed to my getting serious about losing weight. It scared me.

Exercise is a lot easier now. It only took a little bit of weight loss for the pain to stop. Keep at it, you will get there.
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Exercising is definitely hard at first. You may not believe me, but it DOES become enjoyable after a while, and even addictive.

I started walking at 275 pounds, and it was tough. Now I'm one of those annoying people who runs all the time and actually loves it. I've said it a million times on here, but only because it's true: if I can do this, ANYone can.
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Yes - it IS hard at first! But YOU...ARE...DOING IT! Despite it being difficult. You're doing it because you know it will make you healthier, stronger, and yes, smaller. And that is SO great!

You know, I think it is a LOT easier to start an exercise program when you're not heavy, which is an unfortunate fact of life, because while everyone needs exercise for health, overweight people really have that extra need to get out there and move. But you are triumphing over that every day that you get out there and walk, and you should be SO proud of yourself.

Other people might not recognize how hard it is, because they've never been at your particular weight or fitness level. But your body knows how hard it is, and it is going to tell you. And a month from now, it'll start telling you "Wow, this is getting easy!" - and I promise you, that feeling will make all of the discomfort worth it.
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I could barely get out of bed the morning after my first day at the gym. Now I get up at 5:30 a.m. to go because I actually enjoy it. Keep up the good work; it makes such a huge difference in the weight loss.
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When I first started out, weighing 287 lbs, I was walking for 15 mins at a snails pace. I was not sure that I would make it home alive, that's how difficult it was. Now I walk incredibly fast, adding in many, many intervals of jogging, for loooong periods of time.

This most certainly WILL get easier. It did for me and all these other fine ladies. And it will for YOU. Just keep at it. When you get to that point where you're walking with ease, and it's sooner then you think, you will be soooo glad that you've stuck with it. Being active and in shape with unlimited amount of energy and stamina is one of the very best rewards of this journey. I'm EXCITED for you to experience it first hand. Just know that one day you will.
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That's so true, it does get easier. I noticed after I lost about 20lbs that I was no longer heaving after a short walk. It's a great feeling not to get winded walking to the mailbox :P This week I'm trying to do my regular exercise again. So far I've done it 2 days... lets see if I can make it 4, and if I'm lucky (or dedicated) FIVE.
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beautiful on the inside:P
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I hear you, Born to Fly I only just started walking consistently myself. But luckily it doesn't seem to take that long to start not wheezing:P And I agree with tamaralynn, music makes a big difference!

Rakel: I had to laugh at your whole walking around with the "weights" you lost. What a great idea. Just goes to show you how strong all of us must be, really:P Now I just need to translate that to strength of mind
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I agree with everyone else.. it does get easier, as the weight comes off, it will feel like a piece of cake, believe me. When I started using my elliptical( after letting it be used as a coat rack for a year), I could only do 2-3 minutes the first few days.... I had pains in my legs, I couldn't breathe, and felt I was never going to be able to do this. Now after 6 months or so I can do 47 minutes, and am ok with it. I still get tired towards the end, but it is a good tired. I know right now you are thinking yeah right, I am never going to be able to do this, but I am sure in a few months you will be posting that how much you love to wallk and how easy it is.
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