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On my way...
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Default Im 30

Ok. So a few of you may have read my post from the other day about not dealing with being 30 very well. But today is a good day. It is a new start. I dont think that I was dreading being 30. But I was regretting that I wasted my 20's. But I realized that I can not go back and change my past. Any part of it. I have to move on. I have to say.... Ok. I spent my teens and 20's feeling inferior to everyone, sitting on my A$$ waiting for someone to tell me how to lose weight. waiting for someone to change me.... wanting someone to tell me of a special diet that will make the weight slide off and will make me happy. But what I didnt realize is that person has been here the whole time. ME!!!!!!!1 I am the only one that can change what I dont like about me. And Im the only one to blame about my past and the only one to blame if I dont do something about my unhappiness. So I look at today as a new chapter.... a new start..... not as a waste.......


So I want to thank everyone for their support...... I love all of you very much. It is so awesome to know that no matter what I can come here and vent and get support.... GOOD OR BAD!!!!!!!!

"Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining weight is hard. Choose your hard."
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Great attitude! You can do this, and we are here to support you!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (and here's to the NEW you!!)
"wrap your brain around the idea that this is for the rest of your life" (thanks Jillybean!)

Christmas Gift Goal - 170 pounds (which will be 100 pounds GONE!) - 17 to go!
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Awesome attitude! That's the way to be!!!!!
This time, I'm going to be stronger, I'm not giving in. - Rudimental
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Best on luck to you on your new start. I know you'll enjoy your 30's

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3 + years maintaining
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Happy Birthday Daphne!!!

Have a great day and with that new attitude of yours, make it a truly great year! The very best one yet, in fact. ANYTHING is possible. You CAN make it happen.
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The Secret is: CONSISTENCY

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Happy birthday, and congratulations on your epiphany. The 30s are one of the best decades, IMO. Still young enough to feel young, but old enough to finally appreciate it. Maybe on my next birthday, I will finally admit that I turned 30 a few years ago. Maybe...
onederland in 2016
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Now that's the attitude I like! Happy birthday, girlie!

Make room in ONEderland Goal:

Long-Term Goal:
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Masterpiece in progress
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That is the right attitude dek , you can do this!!

When I am at 196 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of an obese women.
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Happy birthday! If I could go back to any age, it would be sometime in my 30s. Treat yourself well and make it a great decade!

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.
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That's a great way to look at things!

Black Team Goal
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Made of Starstuff
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Yes yes yes!!!! Happy Birthday!!! Go you!!!
~Made of star stuff~
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Happy Birthday!

The thing is that you may go through your whole life having regrets about one thing or another. It ends up to no purpose unless you use those emotions to fuel change in your life and I think you are coming to realize that. Best wishes for a happy day and a new start to your healthier life!
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Trying so hard....
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You sound like me. I was really depressed when I turned 30. It was exactly like you said.... I wasted my 20's. Well I actually wasted from age 16--now, which I am 31 now. It kind of feels like your youth is gone and any chance of getting it back is gone with it. BUT.............we are both here on this site for a reason. To lose weight and get healthy. I am determined to not be fat for all of my 30's. I will not waste another decade being fat, being ashamed of myself, being shy and an intravert, staying at home all the time cause of other people and what they might think. So.............you are makeing a positive change, as I am too. We can get through our early 30's together!!! Happy Birthday by the way!!
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