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Talking I need to get "un-sugared"!

I am not quite at my all time high, but am close at 255. Yuk! I really need some inspiration, as chocolate is now my favorite friend. I am the person who people call "funny" and am always around to hear other peoples' trials and tribulations. It struck me that nobody seems to ask about my life...Don't know if they assume there isn't one due to my weight, or if they aren't interested. I think I am also struggling with something of a "sugar addiction", as the more I have the more I want. Hoping to restart Walking Away The Pounds, and become the thinner person I want to be. I would love some inspriational starter tips, just to get me on the road. We all know WHAT to do to lose weight, doing it is the hard part!

Looking forward to hearing back.
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I know what you mean.. I've always been that person too. My best advice is don't beat yourself up if you eat something you didn't plan for, just move on. And keep coming to the boards here.
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I'm very familiar with "the more I have the more I want" feeling. That is the main reason getting started and getting back on track after a detour are the hardest parts (well at least for me)! Once you get going and start seeing little results here and there in the way you look and feel you get motivated to keep up the hard work. It will take hard work though, it's never a walk in the park (though a walk in the park will help you get to your goal hehe) but when times are tough this site will be here for you! Always keep your goal in mind and good luck!
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Welcome!!! The biggest tip I'm learning is to WRAP YOUR MIND AROUND THE IDEA OF LOSING WEIGHT. Let it consume you if you have to. For me, it absolutely has to be the most important thing in my life right now, because it's truely the hardest thing I will ever do. This forum is instrumental in my success so far. There are so many ladies here who are in my shoes, who have made the changes necessary in their lives and are succeeding! So keep coming here and make yourself at home. You can do it!
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I wouldn't say weight loss is the most important thing, but it certainly does take up my time. I am focused on this and will do this!
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camro - I was a HUGE sugar addict. For me, it is an all or nothing kind of thing. I cut it all out, and now I do not crave it anymore. I allow myself one ounce of 70% dark chocolate every other day (and I don't usually even have that now) It was tough for the first week, but ever since, I have not had an issue with it at all. Find what works for you and be consistent - it will work!!
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For me, I had to set small goals. I started upping water intake one week. The next week, I kept drinking the water, then cutting down on portion sizes. Then I started putting my plates in quarters. 50% steamed/raw veggies and fruit, 25% grains 25 lean protien. Then I added in walking, then jogging. It's a long process and an individual period od serious trial and error. Don't be discouraged if the first weight loss idea you have doesn't work. Take what you liked from that and find a new one, rinse and repeat until you find what works for YOU. I'd also advise, take your measurements. The scale is a horrible demon. Some weeks it will be your friend, some weeks it's that aunt you cant stand who wont leave. Measurements and your tape measure are your best friend in this journey. Well, for me anyway.

Noone, here, anyway, expects you to lose 80 pounds in 6 weeks. You shouldn't either. Remember, it took YEARS to get this heavy, it takes time to lose weight. Probably not years, although for some it does, but it will take time. Don't be discouraged, ask questions, seek knowlegde. For me, I find the more I know about weight loss, nutrition and excersize, the better I do with weight loss. I read everyone of these forums. It is such a lifesaver<literally, when you consider what being unhealthily overweight does to a body>, those times when I want chocolate, or feel the need to slack, I read here, I reach out and someone ALWAYs, ALWAYS responds and helps me stay on track.

We're here for you and we believe you can do this, if you want to!
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Almost the Big 50!
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Cut it out cold turkey, it took me 3 months, but no longer am i having any cravings at all.....
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Angihas: Thanks for that post. I know it wasn't intended for me, but I got a lot out of it. I had a fairly discouraging weekend and that was just what I needed.
Thanks!! (You never know who you might help when you share your thoughts!
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